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  1. Concerned why he was out of work for so long. Think the club has moved on from Gary Lowe now
  2. I never asked you for a name. Sounds similar to what our manager did last season. I honestly can not see a stand out candidate. I know he has been out of the game a while, but what about Peter Jackson, with a younger player/assistant manager. Part time role may suit Jacko
  3. Gave the manager the full time contract he demanded, they have said they want league football, granted a lot of things have to improve to help achieve that and to certainly sustain it, they have backed him financially when needed (in his own words)
  4. Should imagine a fair few applicants
  5. Would hope if he is he goes sooner rather than later.
  6. Would be dissapointed if he went to Gateshead after turning Shrewsbury down last season
  7. I will tell you if known, everything else is just rumours & hearsay, pure & simple
  8. What's less than 25 got to do with it? Bodens record is better and that includes football league goals. If Hattersley offers that next season we are looking at about 14 goals from him. The role he would at in the managers preferred set up requires more than goals. He needs to be mobile, strong, good in the air and a decent ability to bring others into play. On what I have seen for us this season, he falls short on all counts
  9. I goal every 3 games ?? I would be very surprised if that is the case
  10. I do hope your right as we need some leader at the front end of the pitch next season, I will be the first to congratulate The Hat. His first job is to toughen himself up and get to enjoy the physical side of his job. He needs to get fitter and become far more mobile, he looks like he has the hips of a 80 year old.
  11. We paid Southport a rumoured 10K for dud, I would like to think we can cut our losses and pay him up, or maybe find a Halifax Saturday league team to take him on loan next season. Please don't tell me Hattersley is going to be our No.1 striker next season?
  12. They are both not of the level we need and I would put Rankine above Hattersley.
  13. Would take Andy Brown at the drop of a hat. Has the workrate that is required and also played for Aspin at Harrogate Town
  14. So do I, but better than Hattersley
  15. Andy Brown is a player that I feel would fit perfectly into an Aspin team. Always impressed when he has played against us
  16. Adam Boyes, Dayle Southwell, Micheal Rankine, Kingsley James, and Liam Hogan are all players that I have heard rumoured to be potential targets during the last couple of weeks of the season. I have also heard an ex premier league keepers agent has contacted the club
  17. He is very poor and has done nothing for either us and Southport all season
  18. Hear Senior has handed in a transfer request as Hattersley came on instead of him
  19. 9th....could and ahould have been a massive game tonight, a chance to seal a play off spot and nobody will convince me otherwise. The season has been derailed by something
  20. No defender or midfielder ever looks for the ball from him so he is obviously carrying out instructions, bit harsh to blame him
  21. Wrexham..Dropped players who played in his words "the best performance of the season" to be replaced by loanee players and substandard players.
  22. 3 wins since the Wrexham FA Trophy debacle!!! Questions need asking This season promised so much after the Dartford game at Droyslden and all that has happened is the season has been allowed to end up in a half arsed shambles. Play offs thrown away and potential FA Trophy semi final or better thrown away.
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