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  1. To be fair Grimsby or us I would expect James to choose them, unless he has a good job
  2. On holiday and not decided anything yet, has spoken to the club
  3. Football league bound I should imagine
  4. What was the squad we had at this stage last year ?
  5. And did they know that ? A player who was a bag of bother, and the club 400K I see nothing in his record to suggest he was unplayable, can I go on record I want Aspin to be an even bigger success than he already has been with FC Halifax Town and I also want Danny Hattersley to be the top scorer in this league next season whilst wearing the FC Halifax Town shirt, sadly I feel only one of those has a chance of happening.
  6. Paying the money, you know what I mean. But why would you ever give any credit to anyone other than Aspin Based on your wildly inaccurate description of Hattersley when he signed (unplayable, I think you used) I predict Maguire will be playing Champions League football by the end of 2016/17 season
  7. Well done to the board for backing him as well
  8. If he is out of contract and by all accounts is then what have we done wrong ?
  9. . Not worried just have a feeling the managers future may be the first job to sort
  10. Think it was Mr V with the Lawlor rumour. Most of mine are rumours or blatant names I have made up !!! So who have we signed then ?
  11. Is that the same as the Macclesfield player that pledged his allegiance to us in January ? If it's public knowledge please pray tell
  12. Can't see the club signing any players or on the other hand releasing any players if tthe manager could be on his way to Gateshead as heavily rumoured
  13. Jake Lawlor !!! Wouldn't have thought any signings completed yet
  14. Would be very surprised with that. Certain things need sorting before players in and out
  15. Could well be leading our attack next season
  16. Interesting comments from Aspin in the courier. Keeps going on about goals, goals and goals. Contracted players leaving. If I was Danny Hattersley, Scott Boden I would be looking for a new employer. Also says Peniket out for 8 months. Can we afford to keep a player on when he can not offer anything till next year.
  17. John Carver & Alan Shearer to Gateshead. The dream team
  18. The part time role may suit him.
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