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  1. Didn't know you were driving ?
  2. No room in my car for bags so you will have to make arrangements with others for your bags
  3. Friday May 11th till Monday May 14th. Approx cost will be £90/£95 per head and deposit will be £25 per head. I want to get this booked by the end of September/early October so please let me know if you plan on going and also get your deposits in asap. Thanks Yes JB Dave Foy James Cleaver (Robbos mate) Kav Pecky Nige Walker Craig Ashmore Andy Kelly Unk Billy Hunter Hembers Rambo Robbo Wiggy Bish Fat Probets Ratboy Matty Greenwood John Ludders Sam Barnes Bobbins Hembers DT Skinny Probets Alex Zabaleta Paul Sykes
  4. We could always go and watch a chick flick after the bowling if anyone is up for it ?
  5. You should have all had a text from teamer.net can you please registar with the website as it is an easier way to orgainise things Thanks
  6. £255 from the AFC Justgiving site as I used that instead of doing my own, plus £20 off line at the moment.
  7. Hembers you have another little deposit in your box !
  8. Will be available this weekend. the cost will be £10 and you must pay your £10 before you get your sweatshirt. Can all players on Saturday please make sure you bring your money for your sweatshirt on Saturday please. Thanks all
  9. Still need a couple more players asap !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Shotgun with Bobbins as agreed last night !
  11. Take a look in your little private area, you have something hidden away in there
  12. max'n'paddy


    You have a little suprise heading into your box
  13. Hembers is not an ever present, he missed a week due to the "surgery" incident !
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