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  1. Pretty good authority that pacy left winger Connor Hughes has signed for the club and will feature against Stockport
  2. Like we all know, both clubs probably have pretty much the same level of support
  3. What did we get at the end of season 2013/14?
  4. What we would give for an 1800 plus home league gate with virtually no away fans
  5. Glennon in nets, Macca at left back and as for owt else haven't got a Scooby
  6. The only thing I can see with both the Oaborne & James transfers is we are trying to do the deals correctly with the players old clubs, without paying what we consider over the odds ?
  7. When the 2 Harrogate lads we signed, went to tribunal it wasn't decided till after the season has started and I think they both missed 2-3 games at the start of Aspins 1st season.
  8. He is out of contract and is a free agent, he can sign for us irrespective of any compensation amount and let a tribunal set the amount. That's how I understand it to work
  9. Did the manager say we couldn't announce any till July? Or was that just the comments on this forum ?
  10. Where has this change of mind come from ?
  11. Especially the ones out of contract, as far as we are concerned Boden and The Hat are contracted players
  12. And how do we know they are in nowhere land? I expect all 5 of those players know where they stand
  13. Didn't know Monterat was a country
  14. I bet the directors, management and players don't share your prediction
  15. Sorry got my footballing Giants mixed up
  16. Jamie Wood - Bermuda
  17. Maybe that's one that fell through at the last minute ?
  18. And being touted for a move to Rotherham, we need to get in early
  19. Unemployment's rising in the Chigley end of town
  20. Pugh, Pugh, Barney Mcgrew, Cuthburt & Grub joining him ?
  21. That team would win the league
  22. Could be the end for Boden & Hattersley
  23. Chesters captain, Curzon Ashton captain, looks like the strong characters are arriving
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