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  1. The lad made a comment years ago, he has explained the comment. He is not an IRA supporter, he is a football coach and by all accounts a highly qualified one, he has been given the opportunity to turn this team around along with a well respected and successful assistant. I have been told he is a really nice, honest and genuine bloke and plays quick and sharp football, he has a very modern approach to the game, with Jim Harvey offering the "old school" type experience. The club is in need of new ideas and let's hope Darren can give it the boost it needs. One thing is for sure he needs the suppo
  2. I suspect we will know by close of play on Thursday
  3. Or the budget was spent before the season. Maybe, just maybe the board have said the manager has to generate his own funds if he wants new players? At the end of the day it is his recruitment that has fallen short and needs tinkering with
  4. Need to shift them out before he can bring them in
  5. Wonder if we see a loanee come in from Redditch?
  6. New centre half, a new striker and possibly a new midfielder
  7. Absolute shambles, no effort at all for the last 45 mins. Big problems
  8. Looks like Elliot Whitehouse may have played his last game for the club
  9. Would be very interested to know if Aspin improved his coaching qualifications over the summer and did he go and visit other clubs higher up the pyramid to speak to other coaches and watch them in action?
  10. Don't get this old club belonging nonsense. Why did it belong to us? Because we were constantly being asked to put our hands in our pockets? What do you prefer? One financial crisis to another, but the knowledge that you are part of the club? (Something I never felt anyway) or a club that is being run prudently off the pitch, albeit with big improvements needed but you don't feel part of it? For me I feel no more or less part of the FC Halifax Town than I did of Halifax Town FC
  11. Better training facilities, floodlit training pitch etc would all be great, but it wouldn't alter the managers thinking that he needs to play strikers out of position and be pretty inflexible in his approach to match day. I am not advocating his exit, far from it, but at times I do think he is to regimented in his team set up. The work ethic he demands from his players is superb but that should be the bare minimum every player at this club gives as a matter of course, at times it seems to me the players are playing within themselves and need to be allowed to "release the shackles"
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