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    Eddie Howe

    He’s spent quite a bit of money on some appalling premier league players in the last year or so. Bournemouth regularly broke FFP regulations on their way up too, more so than most clubs in the championship. He’s spent over £50m on Dominic Solanke, Jordan Ibe and Phil Billing. As much as I’m sure the fans and club appreciate what he’s done in the past, he’s going/gone backwards as a manager and his signings have been awful and that will see them relegated.
  2. He terrorised the current England manager in the third round of the F.A Cup a few months later.
  3. I have seen former Town 'favourite' Brian Quailey score a last minute FA cup winner for Nuneaton at Tiverton Town on a Tuesday night many years ago. Tidy little ground, and not a bad town for a beer.
  4. As it's the League 2 playoff final at an empty Wembley tonight, who would you want to stay down and play next season- Northampton or Exeter?
  5. Bloody Peniket, signing for Stourbridge rather than Nuneaton.
  6. Mid month is a time people don't tend to donate to things. End of month straight after payday, or start of month straight after bills have gone and they have their disposable income left. I'd expect a surge in about 10 days time.
  7. Something like Reading, West Brom and Sheff Weds as the 3 options depending on opponents
  8. Realistically, I think the final location will be decided in advice of any games. 5 days notice in the current climate isn't sufficient really, unless they have a southern/midland/northern venue on standby ready depending on teams.
  9. If for example sake it was Notts County v Halifax, somewhere like Hillsborough, which would be central and have the testing facilities available and the correct conditions in place would be logical.
  10. I’ve just been told £10 has gone out of our bank account on some FCHT branded popcorn and Pringles!!!
  11. Could the final not potentially be at The Shay? 6th v 7th?
  12. Strictly speaking, you could draw 3, and win all 3 on penalties. Didn’t Huddersfield win the championship playoffs without scoring a goal?
  13. Maybe you already have, but why not offer to join the Supporters Club committee to help out with putting further ideas forward? Sure @robb @kit @FCHT Supporters Club may appreciate additional input? I've seen first (well second) hand the amount of time they spend talking to each other, correspondence sent etc, even holding an online committee meeting whilst pubs are shut etc, whilst juggling family life and jobs. No easy task, and I'm sure they wouldn't turn their nose up at assistance from someone with ideas!
  14. The ‘scorer of good goals’ promoted as a champion and loved by Barrow fans
  15. Huge, huge credit to Pete Wild for what he’s achieved this season. Unbelievable effort to make the playoffs. I’m not even gonna lie, I told all my friends back home to lump on Halifax to get relegated in pre season given the state of the club at the time. They aren’t too chuffed. Hope you now go on to win them and the first football game my daughter watches will be a football league one.
  16. Not just Rashford fan-boying, but aside from the financial side, I've read he also learnt sign language in order to be able to judge a poetry competition at a deaf school. Superb
  17. Amazing that the football club I probably despised the most growing up, has produced the two people who've probably come out of this summer and this crisis with the most credit- Gary Neville and Marcus Rashford. Other than Giggs banging his brothers' missus, they must teach them something right in their academies in terms of morals etc.
  18. I'd personally rather pay 22% tax than 20% tax if it meant kids didn't live in poverty. Guess it depends whether others or you and you only matter. (Not meant to be having a go by the way)
  19. The same place @Flea did I imagine, that Ollie Bayliss twitter. Do you not like seeing things first?
  20. Announcement will be made on Thursday confirming what's happening,
  21. That's like saying 'Justice for everyone' on the anniversary of Hillsborough rather than 'Justice for the '96. No-one at any point has said all lives don't matter, but it's about addressing current issues and inequality.
  22. It's not that the lower leagues won't sanction them, it's that the government don't deem anything below the National League as 'elite sport' so can't be played behind closed doors from what I gather.
  23. mj85


    3 I would think? 2 extra up, so 3 down, rather than 1.
  24. From what I can see, Harrogate, Notts County, Yeovil, Borehamwood, Halifax and Barnet are. To be confirmed on Monday once clubs have voted.
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