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  1. mj85


    Not saying cheating is right, just that Maradona is no worse than divers and many others. Okay. Scenario. Johnson brings down an attacker who’s one on one in the playoff final. Johnson makes absolutely no attempt to play the ball, takes the attacker out, is sent off, ‘cheating’. The opponents miss the free kick that follows. Town get promoted. Happy or not?
  2. mj85


    The Hand of God thing: If an England player did it to win us the World Cup, not many would moan. If a Town player did it and it kept you up, not many would moan. No different to diving to win a penalty, handball on the line and trying to get away with it, last ditch tackle with no attempt to get the ball to deny a goal scoring chance etc etc. Footballs a game where the rules are regularly bent, he just took it to the extreme and got away with it. Fair enough.
  3. Everton definitely played with wing backs. Iwobi on the right, and Digne on the left. With Coleman absent, they changed formation and played an extra centre back to go 352. Iwobi made a point of it, as did the MOTD pundits praising him in a different role to his usual.
  4. WOW! Town not Boro. Plain shirts not Stripes. That second Halifax goal and the keeper howler. Joe Ironside left on the bench for Shaq McDonald to start. From my perspective, horror show 4 weeks before my wedding day- in separate ends!
  5. ''along the lines of...'' could be any centre back pairing any two from 4/5 midfielders any two from 3/4 out wide Just an example 11 to show 442 as an option.
  6. Qualifying rounds have taken place, first round proper is taking place once Step 3-6 clubs resume playing IF lockdown ends on December. THINK Town enter at the third round proper, which is Saturday 19th December. Speeding through the rounds. Revises FA Trophy round dates: First Round Proper -Tuesday 8 December Second Round Proper -Tuesday 15 December Third Round Proper -Saturday 19 December
  7. Not that I would expect Wild to switch from his favoured formation, especially as he's mentioned 'the midfield 3' in interviews, but there's an option to play both of Williams and Senior/revert to 442 as a second option/plan B, along the lines of... Johnson Maher Byrne Bradbury Senior Nepemecano Summerfield Woods Williams Allen Hyde
  8. One of those was an absolute gift too, should have been a Dean Snedker own goal really!
  9. mj85

    £11m richer

    Clubs such as Brighouse to get assistance too, with £14m being split between clubs at step 3-6. If split like the national league was before, they'd get a sizeable split (for their level) as 5th best supported side.
  10. mj85


    Nope- England, Scotland, Czech Republic and Croatia.
  11. mj85


    Grealish has looked the part to me. Like to see him in the same side as Kane, Rashford and Sterling.
  12. mj85


    No he isn’t. Maguire suspended. Gomez injured. Coady isolating.
  13. mj85

    Ex strikers

    Manny Duku on target for Raith Rovers too
  14. mj85

    Match off

    If this situation continues, with a different team or two every week having to isolate and fixtures postponed left right and centre, come March the season will probably be wiped from existence anyway.
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