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  1. mj85

    Our Squad

    Didn’t exactly do bad in the National League. AND Danny Cowley offered him a new contract to stay at Lincoln after a season in league 2, which he turned down to join Grimsby. Cowley isn’t a bad judge of player really...
  2. Early chance to laugh at Villa- excellent,
  3. mj85

    Our Squad

    Whitehouse is excellent if played in the right position. Not overly skilful, but very strong and a great engine- play him as an attacking midfielder/number 10 and he will get goals. Useful habit of being in the right position and getting 'scrappy' goals.
  4. Weymouth, Dorchester, Poole Town, Eastleigh?
  5. From what I recall (and I know your point remains valid), Kante is one of the shyest and least money-orientated players about. I think he would be genuinely concerned by his health, and if was told he wouldn't be paid, wouldn't be too fussed. There's all sorts of stories about him driving to Leicester training in an old(er) mini or walking in, rather than being a stereotypical flash footballer.
  6. Big difference between being prepared to listen and learn from others, and not believing your opinion to be correct though. I agree with all your comment, but no point having an opinion if you have no faith in it.
  7. Doesn’t everyone generally believe their opinion to be right? Otherwise you’d just be saying something for the hell of it.
  8. IF you attract a player of Rodney's calibre/wage demands, you can be sure others you're wanting to sign suddenly increase their wage demands too, knowing you MAY pay it. You either give in and pay, negotiate a bit, or are left in a similar situation to July 2019 when you have no players and a loads trialists days before the season begins and hope for the best.
  9. mj85


    Not sure if mentioned elsewhere, but just read that Bradford and Grimsby were two of the clubs who were FOR relegation from league two, saying the competition loses it's integrity if their league has promotion and no relegation.
  10. The premier league will only give a **** if a player from Man Utd, Liverpool, Man City etc catch the virus playing and die. Nothing other than something that severe will bother them. A Norwich player could die and it would go under the radar.
  11. Club president in discussion with Lizzie Jones. Her charity looks to assist with 25% of any costs. Cheers
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