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  1. 112 positive cases amongst football league clubs in this weeks testing. Sure I’ve seen Shrewsbury mentioned for the second time this season.
  2. Paused until March 6th and season probably over. That'll be two seasons in a row wiped. https://southern-football-league.co.uk/News/127166/LEAGUE-STATEMENT
  3. I’d be very surprised if not, 11.5 months left of the year. There will be crowds for the 2021/22 season IMO
  4. Outbreak of COVID in the Aston Villa squad now. Training ground closed. Will just go on and on like this.
  5. My understanding is that it’s like the normal flu jab. You can still get flu, just better equipped to fight it.
  6. For a while I would almost certainly say I was addicted to it and had totally wrong priorities in life. My football club came before pretty much anything and I felt guilty whenever I missed a match. That’s a different story anyway so I’ll shush
  7. When coming all the way through from first qualifying/maybe even preliminary rounds through to the third round proper, they deserve to do well out of it.
  8. mj85

    Kings Lynn

    Lot of time for Michael Gash, especially when he scored a 69th minute winner for Nuneaton at Altrincham, and it displayed as ‘Gash 69’ on the BBC website.
  9. Some teams in Step 3 (tier 7) have only played 6/7 league games, majority no more than 12. Can’t see those leagues resuming at all so yep, any conference north/south strugglers are ‘safe’ regardless I think.
  10. Is it really essential that fixtures get played in the grand scheme of things though? I’ve watched football religiously to the point where it has seemed a matter of life and death over the last 25 years or so (driving to watch just the second half of a match at Braintree on a Thursday night to complete 46/46 in a season was probably a low point in the ‘addiction’) but it really isn’t, and realistically it needs to be paused. Why people seem to think it’s necessary baffles me.
  11. https://sloughtownfc.net/article/2362/Club-statement hard to disagree with much, if any, of that to be fair. Saw Darlington made the 400+ mile round trip to play Brackley last night. Really not sure how sixth (or fifth for that matter) tier football can be classed as elite, and even if it is, essential.
  12. mj85

    Kings Lynn

    I thought Hunstanton was on the East Coast but faced West? Went to Kings Lynn (The Walks) in 1996. Not too bad of a ground at the time.
  13. Shot on target and deflected in- goes to the attacker Shot going wide and then deflected in- goes down as an own goal
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