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  1. Tamplin? I agree. Cocaine addiction and money can really f**k up someones thought process. He's uploaded a video of them at training last night saying about the amazing spirit. Maybe I'm a cynic, but he's there as manager in suede boots taking penalties, the players are stood around looking bored rather than having a great spirit, and they are clearly there for the £££
  2. James Armson’s red for Nuneaton at The Shay in 2014 was.
  3. He’s played in two major tournaments for England. One when he was still only 23, and had only played 2 seasons for spurs as a regular. Where the manager had him taking corners rather than in the box. The other when he was 25, and got the golden boot. The criticism he gets for doing his job is astonishing really. Any other nation would be going mad about him in a positive manner.
  4. mj85


    And all of England’s group games are at Wembley, and second round game likely to be in Dublin
  5. That penalty was taken at 0-0 however! He’s taken and scored a few in his career by all accounts.
  6. Won 2-0 and in playoff spots tbf!
  7. Barrow are top because they have a scorer of good goals, rather than a goal scorer ey @TJAshton Fullarton, J. 2019
  8. You could have your keeper missing penalties and ruining your ground in the process... https://twitter.com/nickdillam/status/1195741685042601984?s=21
  9. mj85


    Plays in the same position as Mason Mount who has had just as good of a season so far. No room in the system for both.
  10. Woking 0-1 Halifax Redshaw 2002
  11. mj85


    I might be in the minority, but I actually enjoy watching England play more so in the last 3 years than at any time since Euro 96. I also think we are starting to get rid of the 'work hard but do little' or 'believe the hype' types such as Lingard, Dier, Alli and actually pick technically good footballers in midfield, exciting pacey players out wide and in attack, and we have a lot of potential for the future. We made the World Cup Semi finals 18 months ago, some will say luckily or fortunately, but we ARE a much better side now than then with the likes of Chilwell, Sancho, Alexander-Arnold, Hudson-Odoi coming to the fore since then, and Sterling kicking on to another level. As much as it was only Montenegro, I was quite impressed last night, and thought for the first time in a while, Southgate got his lineup spot on. There was a case for picking Maddison over Mount, but both are similar players and have similar stats and levels of performance this season. We had our best 2 full backs playing, a balanced midfield 3 with one holding player but who can actually pass, one box to box, and one attacking, pace on both wings, and a clinical striker. I think we will do very well next summer if we get a settled partner for Maguire. Going forward, not many countries will have a better 6 attacking options than Kane, Abraham, Sterling, Rashford, Sancho and Hudson-Odoi.
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50438021
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