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  1. mj85

    Our Squad

    Managed to get himself another 2 years in league 2. Signed for FGR
  2. I was talking generically. The smaller clubs who may be struggling even more, get penalised even more.
  3. Obviously no idea when fans will attend etc, but first qualifying round on a Tuesday night, reducing clubs incomes further compared to it being on a Saturday
  4. mj85


    In serious financial trouble. Entire squad on the transfer list. Need a solution or investment by the end of August or the directors will consider the club involvement and cease trading.
  5. 11 years for manslaughter for the lad who pleaded not guilty. 8 years for manslaughter for the lad who admitted to it. 14 months for affray for the third lad. Just read that Jordan’s missus found out she was pregnant a week after his funeral too. Terribly sad.
  6. Could have two ex Halifax players lining up in the same premier league side next season as Leicester are set to bid for David Brooks
  7. mj85

    Tunde Owulabi

    Long day, I just saw Accy!!!
  8. mj85

    Tunde Owulabi

    Saw he was mentioned before as a transfer target after scoring loads for FCUM Signed for Accrington
  9. Not sure on Rodney’s specific age, but if I thought at 23 I could set myself up for the future with a nice wage at work, which is what football is to him, I’d have done it. Similarly now, if I got offered a good wage over a good period of time and it secured mine and my families future, I’d do it. I don’t know why footballers thinking of themselves financially is seen as a bad thing. And it’s not like he won’t get game time to go alongside the money.
  10. mj85

    Eddie Howe

    He’s spent quite a bit of money on some appalling premier league players in the last year or so. Bournemouth regularly broke FFP regulations on their way up too, more so than most clubs in the championship. He’s spent over £50m on Dominic Solanke, Jordan Ibe and Phil Billing. As much as I’m sure the fans and club appreciate what he’s done in the past, he’s going/gone backwards as a manager and his signings have been awful and that will see them relegated.
  11. He terrorised the current England manager in the third round of the F.A Cup a few months later.
  12. I have seen former Town 'favourite' Brian Quailey score a last minute FA cup winner for Nuneaton at Tiverton Town on a Tuesday night many years ago. Tidy little ground, and not a bad town for a beer.
  13. As it's the League 2 playoff final at an empty Wembley tonight, who would you want to stay down and play next season- Northampton or Exeter?
  14. Bloody Peniket, signing for Stourbridge rather than Nuneaton.
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