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  1. mj85

    FA Cup

    Given the lack of consistency the FA applies, who knows!
  2. mj85

    FA Cup

    Trophy. Cleethorpes at City of Liverpool.
  3. mj85

    FA Cup

    Think they ‘won the league’ last season but the league was wiped. It was them who appealed I think?
  4. mj85

    FA Cup

    Add Marske United to the list, who have knocked out Blyth tonight.
  5. mj85

    FA Cup

    Darlington, Chester, Guiseley, South Shields, Marine, FCUM, Chorley, Ilkeston, Stafford is about it as far as I can see for Northern clubs. Majority of midlands clubs seem to have lost to southern clubs. Mickleover against St Albans, Boston against Hemel Hempstead, as well as the Nuneaton, Telford, Tamworth, Halesowen results above.
  6. mj85

    FA Cup

    Knocked out by Cambridge City
  7. mj85

    FA Cup

    Good away day in normal times. Some of the Black Country pubs are superb.
  8. mj85

    FA Cup

    Won’t be playing Nuneaton who’ve lost to the mighty Bury Town. May play Chester who’ve beaten Spennymoor. Won’t be playing Tamworth who’ve been hammered 6-1 by Oxford City Won’t be playing Telford who have gone all the way to Leiston to lose 10-9 on pens!
  9. mj85

    FA Cup

    Draws have been on Fridays this season depending on which round. 1st qualifying was played midweek followed by a Friday draw 2nd qualifying was played weekend followed by a Monday draw 3rd qualifying tonight/tomorrow so I expect a Friday draw for the 4th qualifying
  10. Dunno if anyone else saw, but Jordan's partner gave birth to a little girl called Maisie Jordan. On the news tonight about her I believe.
  11. Fantastic idea from the FA to have the 1st and 3rd qualifying rounds in midweek, with quite large 'regions', so teams from the West Midlands travelling to Suffolk. Nuneaton away at Bury St Edmunds, Telford away at Leiston.
  12. 2-1 Nuneaton including a lovely goal from LEROY LITA
  13. So I watched a live game today. Nuneaton v Stratford in the FA Cup. 488 crowd in a 4300 stadium. Given that it hammered down with rain, 1000 of that capacity that’s uncovered became irrelevant. So call it 488 in a 3000 stadium. I couldn’t have felt safer really. More so than in Tesco, at work, or many other indoor places. - Track and trace in place - QR codes for scanning pre ordered tickets - One way system in and around the ground - Strict in/out maximums in the bar. I fail to understand why 1000/2000 at The Shay wouldn’t be fine/safe. Crowds need to retu
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