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  1. Wrexham 1-1 Halifax Brown 4878
  2. That’s the one. He’s played for about 30 clubs to be fair. Easier to say where he’s not ex.
  3. Ah yeah, so it is, didn’t see that bit when scrolling and saw Fowler’s tweet
  4. Marcus Law (ex Kettering and Tamworth manager) and Lee Fowler (Ex Nuneaton and Ilkeston manager) placed in charge.
  5. mj85

    Hartlepool today

    If Flea was still doing his 123 thing I’d go with 1. Maher 2. Allen 3. Sho-Silva.
  6. mj85

    Hartlepool today

    To me, the Staunton goal summed up the performance and style of play in many ways. Yes, you played 4231 and were determined, hard working etc when out of possession- but as soon as you got the ball, both full backs were getting forward, one of Maher or Staunton was getting forward, the two wide players of the 3 were supporting Silva and it was good to watch. Lots of pace, moving quickly from defence to attack through the midfield. No surprise to see Staunton there to tap in the rebound from Allen’s shot. Very impressed. Also think some credit goes to Hartlepool too who also turned up looking to play football. Was very little in the air from either side. A genuinely good, enjoyable game of football to watch. Considering the pre season chaos too, a seriously strong bench. Three players who many would probably have expected to start games in Allen, Nolan and Earing? Plus a new signing and a sub keeper.
  7. As much as he wasn’t great for Halifax on loan, could arguably have been worth making a move for Joe Ironside from Kiddy before he signed for Macclesfield. Consistent goalscorer over the last few years and more than capable of leading the line on his own or playing with a small lad (eg Allen)
  8. I got back from Oldham easily after FCUM last year. Tram to Rochdale, train to Halifax.
  9. I think sometimes you appreciate ‘flair’ players who play against you more than for you. And regularly once they leave and you realise what’s missing. Gardner would be in the top 10 players I’d seen play against Nuneaton (in league games). Skilful, great vision and terrified defenders. There was a 2-2 game against us at The Shay 6/7 years back and he was unplayable. (Mendieta would be top overall.) Some people rave against James Armson and I know one fan at least who wanted you to sign him previously, who is equally good to watch, but can be infuriating when he plays for your team when not tracking back etc!
  10. I have a feeling he will do very well for you given time. Glowing reports of his style of play, decent enough win rate in games managed, and seems like he could be one who is likeable too. Top half finish.
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