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    Our Squad

    Former Town player, Grimsby Town midfielder Elliott Whitehouse has been banned for six games and fined £2,000 for using abusive language towards an opponent. The 26-year-old was charged following an incident in the 72nd minute of his side's League Two game with Northampton Town on 23 November 2019. Whitehouse, who is out of contract this summer and will not be offered a new deal,
  2. rdj

    Our Squad

    There could be a few teams on minus points if the lower leagues ever start !
  3. rdj

    Our Squad

    Strikers - Eh ! I see PNE have released Connor Simpson (CF) who they signed in Jan 2018 for £50k from Hartlepool. He has been most recently on loan a Accrington but not really made any impact. I doubt he would be any good for us. Probably similar to TSS !
  4. brings to mind the phrase - Do as I say not as I do ! Irresponsible...
  5. rdj


    "English football's pyramid will be destroyed unless the game starts to plan for the financial impact of Covid-19 beyond the 2019-20 season, says Huddersfield owner Phil Hodgkinson. Hodgkinson thinks as many as "50 or 60" clubs could go bust. He says he is looking at a "worst-case scenario" of no fans allowed in stadiums for the 2020-21 season." Has the club thought about offering a season ticket to watch games on the internet in 20/21 if crowds not allowed back. If so, what would people be prepared to pay and what would be likely take up and financial impact ? So many unknowns !
  6. A work colleague had booked Acker and his band for the local cricket club and got them at a reasonable price but on the basis the band got free drinks. They thought it was a good deal until afterwards when they found they had consumed a crate of whiskey!
  7. rdj


    Good idea as I suspect many BT football watchers would have been in bars / pubs etc which could still be restricted for patrons.
  8. Acker Bilk apparently used to say that this song was his pension !
  9. No VAT on donations !!!
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