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  1. Halifax Town 1 Barnet 1 Clarke Att. 1,965
  2. rdj


    link for you Bazza https://www.calderdale.gov.uk/v2/council/data-and-information/data-protection-and-freedom-information/freedom-information
  3. Notts County 1 Halifax Town 2 McAlinden, Sho-Silva Att. 5,760
  4. rdj

    Happy birthday

    Fantastic team photo. Should have got current team to pose similarly - manager etc with bowler hats ans big Sam with a ginormous flat cap!
  5. rdj

    Happy Forum

    media team are learning, when reporting Town's play. We don't do 'poor' passes we do misplaced passes. Choice of adjectives when commenting on Town's efforts is important to keep the vibe positive.
  6. I'm sure you'll hear the usual shout - "keep it on't ruddy deck"!
  7. Make more sense to share with FCUM with a 4,400 capacity. Only 10 miles away and FCUM ground shared at Bury for a few years up to 2014.
  8. rdj

    Cameron King

    You can check for yourself on the Fylde highlights !
  9. There is not a lot more the club can do other than continue existing approaches. With success on the pitch it should make it easier to get school kids to be given free tickets at school who then need a parent to attend with them. Might not attract new visitors but club could have theme matches - wear your old Town shirts day flat cap day (or similar) one match to remember all the old Shaymen fans who died during the previous twelve months bring your flags day there are other variations which could add a bit of fun for fans including our free kid ST holders
  10. rdj


    Had Bury sold any STs for this season or had they held off doing it because of the problems?
  11. Halifax Town 2 Yeovil 1 C King, Brown Att. 1,990 (early input as offline next week)
  12. Cheaterfield 2 Halifax Town 2 Sho-Silva, McAlinden Att. 3,892 (input early as off line next week)
  13. rdj

    Happy Forum

    this is the first year for a while where it feels like we are ALL in it together with a positive vibe. Long may it continue.
  14. rdj


    I remember going on a wet mid week night which we drew and Phil Brown played out of his skin. Perhaps that was why he later ended up at Bolton.
  15. rdj


    We could be playing Bolton in league 2 next season ! Well we can dream.
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