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  1. rdj

    Our Squad

    Wonder if their CB Tom Bradbury, who has been released, may be coming in the opposite direction
  2. rdj

    Our Squad

    Well down there he won't be lured by the bright lights of the city !
  3. Wasn't it mentioned that it was 38 weeks ? Presumably extended for play offs and then players at end of contract would get paid for one month after the end of the contract ?
  4. Depends on the performances. Paul McGrath turned in great performances at Villa and he apparently he was hardly fit enough to train.
  5. Daley signed for Man City by Malcolm Allison ?
  6. Perhaps its more cost effective for the Council to use the Shay as a back up morgue facility !
  7. rdj


    Read his autobiography - it is a real eye opener.
  8. rdj


    Peter Ridsdale ( Advisor to the PNE Owner)
  9. rdj


    "The finances of a significant number of EFL clubs are extremely fragile with many having implemented player and staff wage cuts or deferrals and many have taken Inland Revenue payment holidays but are now being faced with substantial repayments. Many of our competitors cannot afford such repayments in the short term. Recent years have seen a number of clubs get into financial difficulty including entering administration and it is likely that there could be more to follow. " Could be a few clubs starting on -12 points with a sell off of players !
  10. I n this quiet pre season period, is there an appetite for another 'Legends' type season ticket raffle ?
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