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  1. needs a heck of a half time team talk from PW
  2. What position was our flourescent pink one ?
  3. Ha Ha ! All the other fan's choices showed as black windows - then Firefox crashed ! Back to normal now. I enjoyed the ingenuity of the responses.
  4. Disappointing to hear that they did not keep to tradition. Gold and navy hoops and the other shirt all navy back in my day.
  5. Acc Stanley saturday game off because players have Covid. Could be a real backlog of games for teams if this spreads throughout the season, even before bad weather postponements.
  6. 5:- Extra Time & Penalty Shoot Out - I liked Frank Skinners idea from a few years ago:- If a game goes to Extra Time, take the penaltys first, maximum of 5 each Then go to the 30mins extra time, if your losing 3 - 2 on pens then you now have the opportunity to turn it around, if at the end of the 30 mins its still all square then take a player off every 2/3 mins. No players booked during the game allowed to play during extra time !
  7. rdj

    FA Cup

    lets hope we've been practicing penalties, particularly with our liking for 0 - 0 draws!
  8. rdj

    FA Cup

    I think there are no replays in qualifying rounds.
  9. In the picture I saw of the incident, Pickford had one leg pointing forward at the point of challenge, but the other leg was bent with the lower leg pointing backwards. However, bad or poor the challenge, it was not the two footed lunging challenge which would have meant an instant red card.
  10. rdj


    19/20 pts 20/21 pts cf pts cf goals diff Dagenham 1 - 0 3 2 - 0 3 same +1 Yeovil 0 - 2 0 1 - 1 1 +1 +2
  11. There could presumably be scouts from other clubs allowed to attend these games as part of their jobs. Not sure what job Graham Alexander was doing sat in the stand at Deepdale at yesterdays game v Cardiff!
  12. If the streaming is not good enough then fans will just stop paying for it, so it is in the interest of clubs to get it sorted fast.
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