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  1. rdj

    Sutton at Home

    2 days after the fat lads have rolled on it !
  2. Yeah, thanks. Not quite sure how. I found it in some old cuttings scrap books I unearthed. It might rekindle a few memories for fans.
  3. Thanks again. Will try later when I return.
  4. Put it in word. It stopped me posting by saying only allowed to update up to 2mb !
  5. Thanks Steve. Still not cracked it, but will persevere as time allows.
  6. I scanned the newspaper photo so it is now a pdf doc which does not allow copy and paste !
  7. Assistance please - how is it possible to scan a photo and then make it so that the size (mb) is low enough to allow it to posted on here?
  8. Torquay 1 Halifax Town 0 Att 2,292 We never perform well after a long preparation time !
  9. After watching that and then the following video of the cup win v Man City it was amazing the difference in the balls used in the games. The latter game looked almost pinged around like a Frido !
  10. We never seem to do as well when they have more preparation time. Lets hope we can change that on saturday.
  11. I think that was what Greygoose was thinking !!!
  12. SSHHHHHH ! The real commissioner is locked away in a cupboard somewhere, but I understand Shaytrev made an appearance in some guise at the Shay.
  13. Per the fat lads twitter - After an early inspection by a match commissioner today’s game with @DewsburyRams been postponed due to an unplayable pitch. Crikey is the pitch under a foot of water !
  14. Rochdale's pitch unfit and their game called off today.
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