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  1. I think we played 4 at the back against Hartlepool with maher in midfield , thats what it looked like to me
  2. Not playing 4 at the back. King has been our best player as a wing back. Expect the same players you have put but in the 3-5-2
  3. Phew, thought you meant Billy Heath. Great news that is
  4. What will a sub keeper be on a year? 20-25k? Dont have 1 next season and that's a start
  5. If i can have the season ticket at the same price then ill get 1 and let the club have the refund money. Wouldn't expect everyone to and thats fine. Im sure they could come up with a few options though, like a hospitality ticket for a game or something like that rather than the £100 refund
  6. Too complicated for me that. Im sure Bosomworth has ideas already for next season. As an existing season ticket holder i cant evem remember what the deal is for next season, sure its a price freeze and/or £100 back...
  7. Our stream is one of if not the worst stream in the league and ive watched every game bar woking away. Too far away from the action, no replays, sometimes struggles to follow the ball
  8. Its a very hard job, i wouldn't like to do it i just think 1 of them is probably exactly how id be, gets too loud and excited when we get a chance,resulting in me watching with the sound down
  9. Worst stream in the league, worst commentators aswel.
  10. Also im no manager but when down to 10 surely Allen goes as our last man with his speed as we still had small chances to break
  11. Not sure why we changed the formation from beating top of the league away?? Then we sign a striker that PW wanted to sign and we play him on the left wing? Green scored a goal but slows down play too much. They weren't great but we let them have too much of the ball.
  12. They must have seen the quality of his assist against Eastleigh, the way he turned on the ball, defence splitting pass through to the striker who tucked the ball away ,lovely bit of football.
  13. Or Rodney permanently to Stockport. One of many he has claimed to know.
  14. The ever improving Barnet are losing at Kings lynn
  15. It was a great goal though
  16. And isnt it all because he scored a few in a friendly against us??
  17. Craig midgley was a great shout. Scott mcmanus definitley.
  18. Same. Strong. Direct. Would definitely take him in our team. Way Better than campbell and Allen anyway
  19. Unfortunately the who building inside would look better in the dark. Not a nice place. Not had any work done to it for a long long time
  20. Scored against us, looked a good lively player
  21. Lewis Killeen 100% , what a player . My favourite town player as a young lad. Scored some cracking goals for us.
  22. Well its obvious to us how we will set up, obvious to the opposition how we will set up, just got to hope for a better performance than Tuesday. Would be happy with a point. First goal crucial.
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