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  1. Correct. It definitely would have been a good draw but wasnt to be for us
  2. Have you said to close the "Engalnd" thread then which has turned into a politics thread??
  3. We already know alot about the history. This is the first time we've had kind of any inside access to the club,how its run,what the players do, what the players/management think about the club etc. Shaymen stats is on for the historic bits. I know johnny and hes a top man but as i said me being disappointed is only my opinion
  4. Disappointed with the next episode if no player is lined up. Johnny meynell is on. From a personal point of view i want to listen to current players so hopefully there is 1 on aswel as Johnny
  5. Will give us more of a threat out wide than jeff king or williams. He will run at a defender and put a cross in the box as a winger should do
  6. Need a striker badly, got to be someone we can get in on loan. Said all pre season that southwell wouldnt be good enough and i couldnt judge sho silva as never seen him play. Get josh mac back as wingers like king/williams dont get anyone excited when they get the ball, dont do much, they work hard dont get me wrong but rarely take a man on. Dont want this season to just fade away like we are used to. Sign a striker. Bring josh mac back.
  7. More or less if Liam plays central, cam king doesnt play and majority of Liam's goals have always come from playing out wide
  8. Not saying Rodney is the best striker around but i do feel he ( or someone similar) could be the difference between getting out of this league or not. Great interview by wild, very honest,no silly talk or phrases. Good to know about the games we play during the weeks,bradford,Fleetwood etc.
  9. Im no racist, i have black friends, a black uncle, not even sure if you are "allowed" to say "black" when referring to skin colour? But my point is what is the difference between abusing someone on hair colour, body shape or skin colour? Surely they are all the same? They are all wrong in my opinion no matter what the kind of abuse is it shouldnt happen
  10. Think would suit us. Players like Cameron king and Allen on a perfect 3g pitch would be even better than usual
  11. Obviously wouldnt be complaining... but we havent, we've had a draw and a loss
  12. Striker too isolated up top. Against chorley we had 2 up top for last 10 minutes and looked brighter. Yesterday we went 2 up top but took king off leaving nolan/Maher and cooper on which was a mistake. Get josh mac back as he's an option for the wing, play macca and tobi up top. Southwell on bench is a option to replace tobi then as neither are great up top alone
  13. Because the fan cam is there and seems alot want to get on that when we score. Definitely need them all back at the top
  14. I dont understand how we have over achieved?? Last season we had one of the best defences in the league, weve kept that spine of the team and added attacking quality to it aswel. We are where we are on merit and not over achieving. I dont think we will finish top but we are definitely good enough for a play off spot 100%
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