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  1. But you've complained about the article? What did you want? A personal message to beg for your support? Price is there for us all to see thats all that matters
  2. Who cares what the article says?? What do you want them to put? For me just put the price, thats all i need to know to help me make my decision
  3. Football on show wasnt great you're watching your team who were top for a while, in the playoff places rest of the season... football in the premiership isnt always great yet them players are on 300k plus a week... its about supporting your team and we had a great season alot better than anyone thought
  4. I attend most/all games and £13 a game for me and the 2 kids i bring down is a bargain to watch MY team, dont care what price it is at other clubs in higher leagues
  5. Some people expect to watch games for free, i reckon the uptake of season tickets will be similar to last season, generating more money
  6. The "general" football fan is interested in the big games and will pay one off on the door, the loyal supporters will see it works out £13 a game and take up the offer. I reckon we will earn more money from sales this season than last
  7. Works out at £13 a game, and i can bring my kids for free. Not sure how anyone who intends to attend every game can complain as £13 a game is a bargain.
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  9. halifaxmark


    Some people will still say he's not good enough
  10. Would only have gone obviously if we were there, not interested if we werent. Would have made a weekend of it like last time we went to Wembley when i stayed the night before and the night of the game. Would love to watch us in a playoff final there though
  11. Every goal we score is a good goal to me
  12. Sign players on free transfers, find a few gems that way and it fired me up the leagues
  13. No, tobi definitely scored against torquay, poked home the cross shot
  14. Pointless thread and if anyone says yes they arent true supporters at all.
  15. Lee butler K Roberts Quinn Roberts Mcmanus Forrest Foster Bushell Killeen Vardy Gregory I loved them 4 in midfield, killeen my favourite player, mainly a number 10 behind the strikers
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