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  1. Agree. Seems alot of people at every opportunity want us to keep giving the club money. I bought my season ticket and pay for away streaming so ive paid enough. Plus i contributed to the play off push snd paid for my son to be a mascot last season. Not every penny we have should go towards the club, i didn't pay £12 for the stream yesterday but took my 3 kids out for a dessert today and put it towards that, money well spent.
  2. Green has been very disappointing for me since he signed. Only early days but yet to see anything positive compared to our other midfielders
  3. Didn't watch due to work. Seems we had more possession, more shots, more corners. Cant grumble at a clean sheet and point away from home but need to start picking up 3 points
  4. Agree. Happy with £10, £2 is nothing but neither is £5 but again wouldn't pay 15. For me £10 all over is right
  5. £12 for the stream, its a no from me.
  6. Wish i was a pound behind you. Suggesting alot of things for fans to pay money out
  7. Beat number 1 ranked side in the world the other day Grealish should have been brought on, very poor decision not playing him. No attacking intent when down to 10 men. Poor night.
  8. 100%. Fitter,faster,better on the ball. Loved Brown, town legend but clarke and brown together again has too little pace and not much football ability. Bradbury and byrne decent on the ball from what ive seen so far
  9. Referee awful. I agree with the red card but every foul he is getting his cards out and never a penalty
  10. To be honest i was gutted Brown went and didn't think we had signed better than him but i was wrong and wouldn't have him in over any of our 3 centre backs we have now
  11. Well he came as a centre back, was England C centre back and captain
  12. Yet we still had all the best chances and the most chances. Amount of possession is irrelevant, its what you do with it that matters. At half time i would say they had double the amount of possession we had but we should have been at least 2-0 up. We just need to be more clinical.
  13. To be fair he has been under pressure lately so has to big up their performance. I thought they were the better team playing football but we had the better chances overall. Other than the Charlie lee chance i cant remember Sam Johnson having a save to make where as we had woods miss a sitter, king and gold should have scored their chance, earing had a great chance, keeper saved the free kick. On another day (yet again) we win that 3 or 4-1. Its nice that we are actually creating chances but we do have to be more clinical. We go again Saturday.
  14. Over 1k watching overall tonight
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