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  1. One thing ive struggled to find for years is any highlights of Our game away at stevenage around 2006ish?? 2-0 down, Tom Kearney sent off, mate texting me saying how glad he was that he decided he pulled out on the morning of the game. For us to then do the thing Halifax rarely ever do, come from behind and win 3-2. Possibly Darren stamp scoring the winner infront of the hardy souls who had travelled. Unbelievable
  2. All rugby league suspended now until april the 3rd. Still the national league continues?
  3. Does need to be decided as ive filled a 16 seater mini bus for saturday and i dont fancy just a day out in hartlepool
  4. I like PW and support him but my main point is without a Redshaw/King behind a front 2 then where will any assists for goals come from? I like Redshaw and Rodney up top but nolan,cooper,staunton for all their positive attributes wont create a goal. I think we will have a break now due to this virus then god knows what will happen but if/when we carry on we need king and Allen back and at least 1 midfielder signing.
  5. I do think you get a much better view of the game from sitting in the stand and can see what is going wrong easier. Some managers have done it before. I dont see PW doing much else on the sideline
  6. The team we fielded was the problem. As I've asked already, where do we expect goals to come from othe than Rodney/Redshaw? Who creates the chances for them? At home we dont need to set up so negative. Sam Hanson brown clarke williams Staunton or cooper Josh mac Allen King Rodney Redshaw Obviously when all are fit
  7. What penny has dropped? Tobi is woeful. Rodney and redshaw are ten times better and we wont get quality like them 2 next season
  8. Cooper is the better midfielder out of staunton or nolan, does alot wrong but does alot more right than either of them 2. Cooper was better than them both today aswel
  9. Imagine preferring tobi up front rather than redshaw or rodney...
  10. Imagine being a striker for us today and having that team behind you? Who will create a chance for you? Nobody. Rodney and redshaw dropping deep due to frustration as lack of quality around them
  11. Thought exactly the same, although they were running at Clarke and binnom williams which any striker with abit of pace would relish
  12. Why when we take a kick off do we just lump it out into touch? Why are all redshaws corners just gently floated into the box? Whip them in ffs!!
  13. What does anyone expect when we line up like we did? Who will get us goals out of that 11? Who will create a goal for Rodney or redshaw? No creativity at all. 3 defensive midfielders behind our 2 strikers
  14. Oh yeah thats great isn't it, much rather us lose so others lose money
  15. Rodney probably getting annoyed with having no creativity other than redshaw on the pitch
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