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  1. Wrexham very poor. Comfortable we were. Just lacking up top, bell and hyde in and we win that tonight
  2. Never seem to do well at Wrexham. Get at them from the off, take the lead and I fancy us. 1-0 to the shaymen
  3. Alot worse than i actually thought whilst watching it
  4. I like Clarke but todays back 3 is our best defence. All comfortable on the ball,can pick out a pass, pace,good in the air. Clarkes legs have gone and we know his strengths are not with the ball which results in long aimless balls by him giving away possession. For me , Clarke now is ideal to bring on when defending a lead and the opposition are pumping balls into the box
  5. Great result. Summerfield ran the show. King and Maher class. Do wish we would see the game out better, control possession, run into corner etc. On to Tuesday now
  6. One on king and one on allen both not given
  7. What is campbell making a challenge like that for? Braindead.
  8. Everyone has different opinions but for me I'd have liked to have seen changes made to the starting line up with the sub keeper, tear, benn all in. Getting knocked out of the fa trophy doesn't bother me either as its highly unlikely we would be able to attend the final if we got there and with a small squad and injuries already then we dont need more games than we already have. On to the league now
  9. Needs getting rid of if we are paying him
  10. Full strength. I'd have made changes, defnitely would have played sub keeper and Tear, would have gave more game time to Belehouan and if Benn fully recovered would have played him too
  11. At least its at home for us IF we win against Southport
  12. Borehamwood or Torquay at home
  13. No thanks. Wasnt good enough for us a few years back never mind now
  14. Yep, i remember being at Carlisle and watching on in disbelief at the referee letting the goal stand, then unfortunately getting thrown out and holding up the supporters coach 🙄
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