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  1. To be honest ive seen nothing ever aimed at the commentators, just the stream but the way the world is now, people take anything to heart nowadays. In my opinion they do a good job but if want to walk away let them. Another side of social media is posts like 1 of the commentators made saying not sure if wants to continue anymore etc, its an attention seeking post. For me they do a great job, i couldn't do it but if cant handle the heat then stay out of the kitchen. Even the best commentators in football will get some criticism, dont worry about it and dont take it personally
  2. Definitely not safe at all. Rotherham 3 games in hand on hudds with a better goal difference aswel. Huddersfield v Rotherham is massive on Saturday, Rotherham win that then it drags hudds straight into the relegation battle
  3. Why... if you outscore the opposition you win... Weymouth beat Stockport home and away this season. Weymouth scored 3 v Torquay in a 4 3 defeat. Weymouth also beat Hartlepool 1-0. Clean sheets would be a bonus but 3 points is what matters, nothing else
  4. Yeah had a great career, yeah does great by going round schools etc, however its pretty obvious that he doesn't make our defence stronger anymore. The game has changed nowadays and we have moved on from centre backs like Brown and Clarke. Clarke did well today but his negative attributes outweigh his positive ones and the back 3 of Byrne Maher Bradbury is our best 3 at the back
  5. Still massively the better team 2nd half just didnt take our chances, they didnt really create much. We had shots at the keeper, poor decisions when on the break with extra men and the new lad from Huddersfield hit the bar.
  6. Tight but its in our hands, game in hand on majority of teams below us and a better goal difference than them chasing us. A long way to go and will be a few bumps along the way. Saturday wrexham play stockport and notts county play hartlepool, so playoff rivals to be dropping points, hopefully we can do our job at alty
  7. Clarke played well today but i want Byrne Maher and Bradbury as our back 3 as its the strongest we have, fastest and most comfortable on the ball. Nobody can think having Clarke there strengthens our team as it doesn't
  8. Played well but need to be more clinical. Didn't agree with taking king off and moving allen to the back, leave allen where he was and dont change the defence
  9. Our stream is so poor, easily worst in the league. Senior breaking and camera nowhere near again
  10. Pointless poll. Dont need any negative vibes and there is NO reason why anyone at this stage of the season would think we need to get a new manager. Irrelevant anyway as we have wild and milly for another 2 years so have to back them
  11. Jamie assisted the goal last night, crossing in for Taylor to head in
  12. No Woods, Summerfield, Allen and hyde only fit enough for half hour. Get them players back then we are looking strong and a good shout to make the playoffs
  13. And 3 points off hartlepool notts county wrexham stockport Chesterfield
  14. So we are definitely in the play off hunt then as ive just looked at the table and we are 3 points off 5th
  15. Teams also going to lose 3 points from Dover... we are definitely in the play off hunt 100%
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