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  1. You get what you pay for. Rodney could do things off the cuff, look at his goal i think away at leyton orient, class, can you see sho silva scoring a goal like that? I cant. Im not saying rodney was amazing but it gave me more optimism seeing him up top than i get from seeing a slightly better Edwards that we have now. However wild hasn't been with us too long so im hoping he will continue to strengthen the squad how and when he can
  2. He took over a sunken ship, that squad he inherited had no chance of getting many points in the premier league. Then last week they let their star man aaron mooy go to brighton, think its a poor decision sacking someone so soon in to a new season.
  3. Matty Brown played in the friendly against Doncaster
  4. Our problems are attacking wise not defensively yet everyone seems to be concentrating on binnom-williams
  5. Nolan and Jeff King both need to step up their performances
  6. Just got back. Dont understand the substitutions? Why did we finish the game with odelusi up top when we were losing? Silva looked tired but hes a striker. Isnt mcalinden a striker yet hes stuck out wide? Surely when losing its the time to shake things up, get men in the box, 2 upfront etc. Very disappointed, shoupd not have lost that game
  7. Class player but unfortunately the only proper footballer we have. Everything went through him. Can pass, turn on the ball, shoot. Head and shoulders above every player on that pitch
  8. Defence sleeping pathetic. Why is odelusi still at this club? Prefer hanson out wide and mcalinden up top. Jeff king offers nothing. Roll on the usual suspects saying nothing negative . Should not be losing to 10 men. Simple
  9. Think the worry is because they are classed as a big club in this league with big crowds, thats it. Not done anything much of note for years in this league,. Need a good start to keep their crowd quiet.
  10. 700... we would take that to stockport never mind wrexha. 250ish would be a good effort on a Tuesday night .
  11. halifaxmark


    Not getting carried away. We've had some luck so far and long may it continue. Early red card for ebbsfleet and keeper howler for kings goal. Hartlepool deflection hits bar and goes over. Dagenham player misses sitter, similar to sugden all them years ago away at burton!
  12. The whole team faded second half
  13. Not sure where statements like this come from... didnt look unfit to me? See how he was breaking forward when we got on the counter attack yesterday, got forward alot more than Duckworth. Happy with both fullbacks and we also have hanson aswel.
  14. Club legend. Warrior on the pitch. Solid.
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