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  1. Well we're going to have to sign someone.
  2. Great signing, would have been delighted if he stayed with us
  3. I like these raffles, especially the £5 ones, i dont miss £5 and its a chance on winning something. Could do it for many things, like a new home or away shirt, 20 numbers for say £5/10, quick and easy profit made
  4. I dont get this " awful to watch", if my team is winning games i dont care what tactics we use or how we play. Aslong as we get 3 points that's what entertains me
  5. Never heard of him. Always find it strange when other clubs supporters post on another clubs forum, probably a sad lonely man with nothing better to do
  6. I did, 2 free child tickets which were used for majority of the games we played
  7. "Matty Brown is no longer transfer listed"
  8. Probably " Fc Halifax are delighted to announce jeff king and danny williams have signed 2 year deals"
  9. Dont know about that. Ducky and king for me both brilliant, Brown a solid centre back but apart from that nothing special about the others, i would have liked many of them to stay but think there are many more similar if not better players that we can get. Would like to see 1 decent signing announced though just to get the ball rolling
  10. Agree, especially in lower leagues making money is the main priority. In higher leagues you can live the rest of your life just on a month's earnings in the premier league whereas id have thought some players in this league wont earn much more than i do a week being a builder.
  11. And this is why you can't say anything nowadays without someone getting offended
  12. So... i liked Josh and what he did for the team but he had little quality other than his workrate and fitness. I definitely would have liked him to stay, maybe to sit in front of the defence but its not a massive loss, its just another loss which keeps happening
  13. Agree. Massive rebuild and doesn't always work. For me we've lost our key players that the majority would have wanted to stay. Quite worried to be honest
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