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  1. Still dont understand why he passed the ball instead of shooting when through on goal i think it was against eastleigh
  2. 100% lloyd is better than Liam, not even a contest. Class player is lloyd. I really believe mcalinden is no loss at all for us
  3. Correct. Puts a tackle in. Not scared of being on the ball. There's definitely a player there
  4. Happy he's gone, for him and for us.
  5. Should be a big following and a good atmosphere created. Get at them from the off. They were happy with a point at the shay and showed no attacking intent but now i think they need to start picking up wins so if they attack us that should be better for us. Aslong as we get 3 points i dont care about the score or performance
  6. We clearly didnt proffitt from his signing
  7. 1 mistake, alot more positives. Not going to slate tobi but 90% of the positive play Rodney contributed to yesterday wouldnt have happened if it was tobi on the ball, example being the way Rodney took on the defence and assisted redshaw
  8. It was 100% a foul anywhere on the pitch every day of the week
  9. It was 100% a foul and the lad was heading towards the corner flag so he didnt need to do it at all. He also did exactly the same a few minutes earlier in our attacking half by the corner flag, both braindead decisions by king who also stupidly got booked again. Apart from them errors he actually did ok but Duckworth starts there for me next week
  10. We win, score 5 and yet some people still moan and say its more that maidenhead were rubbish rather than we were good
  11. Good performance. Jeff king did well apart from giving a few silly and pointless free kicks away. Need to back it up next week because we all know what usually happens when we go somewhere with a big following expecting 3 points. Can see the class Rodney has and a few more games under his belt he will get even better. Redshaw is class. Good solid bench aswel. A long way to go but things are looking up
  12. Stupid fouls gave away near their corner flag then ours, just basic basic errors. Then sloppy marking and instead of a comfortable half time lead we are now drawing. Stupid king
  13. Im interested in strikers who do their job and score goals.... not how many they have been involved in. TSS only started against torquay because Allen was ill. Got to be Rodney and Redshaw up top, if not then go back to Allen and Redshaw who had good games against Barnet. No way shouid Tobi start
  14. Both good players but 1 i class as a proper striker, 1 i dont. Would much rather have Rodney as think he will fit in our team well.
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