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    Sorry I stand corrected. It kicks in on Tuesday night, the same time as our less stringent rules do.
  2. shaymen_x

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    Not correct as yet, but could go that way.
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    I agree most controls relate to indoors, but from last Thursday night people in Merseyside and Greater Manchester are prohibited from spectating at all sporting events. We only need the same rule here and our hopes of attending will be truly shafted.
  4. Now you tell me!!! I passed my mocks and then failed miserably in the exams with a U in English (I consider myself to be quite articulate lol). I had all those teachers too.
  5. I don't think so.. There are different versions, plenty of videos about. There are different varieties with different types of weird shaped courts usually named after public schools, Eton Fives, Winchester Fives etc. Squash with a mitt on each hand.
  6. No expert, but a bit like squash but using a mitt instead of a racquet.
  7. At heath we played Rugby Football, Gaelic Football, Aussue Rules but never once actual 'football'.
  8. I never once saw anyone playing fives late seventies.
  9. Cheers. I've added a head to head league if you want to join. Link/code above.
  10. Long hard season? Surely that prediction needs to be based on seeing what our best 11 does out on the park with four or five competive games under their belt. How can you make this statement based on experimental friendlies against teams already game fit? So negative.
  11. Not surprised I never heard of him though. In my time it was total rugby union, even kicking a football in the yard was frowned upon.
  12. Quoted myself by mistake..... Grrr How do we delete?
  13. Is this before we had any semblance of a football club? I went to Heath, first time I have heard of this fascinating story.
  14. So what type of club keeps so called headless chickens on the books for two seasons with no intention of playing them? If the players not up to standard why has the club failed to manage them out? That's my point, you can't blame the players if they don't fit the managers requirements. We can all argue whether he is a good player or not. Some on here are even sad to see TSS go (so we aren't all great judges of player are we?) but the club needs to run a tighter ship.
  15. Ash, quite a few of us on here remember Jacob Hanson playing well in the past. Far worse players have played for us in that period. He's not even had a look in for the past two seasons so why the hell haven't the club managed him out of the door? It's really poor leaving these players to rot, especially when every penny counts nowadays.
  16. But we are still paying them. I dont really know what Hanson has done wrong.
  17. Dom Tear sounds like a bad sporting injury. Unfortunate name for a sportsman.
  18. Thanks to the few who have already signed up for the head to head league. Come on all you Ron Managers, you're perpetually telling PW how to do his job, let's see how good you are. Starts next Saturday. https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/nde3h5 Code: nde3h5
  19. Don't answer, yes it's renewed
  20. Thanks... It looks likes it's been renewed. Is this the case?
  21. Crisis over... Someone has renewed the league. However I've created a Head to Head league which will start in Gameweek 2. https://fantasy.premierleague.com/leagues/auto-join/nde3h5 If you fancy some freindly rivalry you have one week to pull a team together. Almost like us last season!!!
  22. Thanks. The code was posted here last season. If all else fails I could set a shaymen net one up. Depends on the interest. After all, everyone on here thinks they are Ron Manager.
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