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  1. I thought earlier that the game should have been played in the afternoon to avoid this, but I suppose that's not possible as the ref and others will have real jobs. Disappointed really.
  2. I can't see why accepting a point away is accepting mediocrity. Footballs a sport and even the best if them get held for a draw occasionally. This proves a point I made this morning. I said if we lost this site would go into meltdown, instead we drew and everyones whingeing. We forget how crap we were at home for a large part of last season, this team is way better we need to start believing it.
  3. Point per game ratio means absolutely nothing, especially after our poor start. Form counts. Also games in hand mean nothing either, it means teams have too many games in too few days. We should know that from past experience. We lost at Solihull and Hartlepool but weren't outclassed and we were rusty today, but you seem to be forgetting our wins. Let's be a bit more positive.
  4. He's become as elusive as his passing!
  5. Radio commentary quoted Danns as being on.
  6. My bet was scuppered, but I'll take a point.
  7. Assist from Super Dale.... What a pile of **** Southwell
  8. I predict Town 3-1 as we are prone to the odd soft goal. If we lose it will be another site meltdown (as we are good at that). Come on shaymen!!
  9. How can we say these players haven't set the world alight. Gevaro and Bell have both scored decent goals that have significantly contributed to where we are now. What more could they have done? Are we expecting players to be Vardyesque? There seems to be a culture on here when someone leaves of 'good riddance', but surely we have to start giving some semblance if credit when it's due. Players who can score at this level are harder to pick up than you think.
  10. I agree. But the teams who can hold the ball and manage games out effectively are probably better than we are. This skill will take some time develop. We seem to lose our way when we get into unchartered territory (i.e. big unexpected leads). At 3-1 up against Alty we couldn't decide whether to hold on by controlling the ball or to press for a fourth, instead we did neither. We are in a good position if this is all we've got to moan about.
  11. It's our away form that's mediocre. Luckily this is at home. Its a (form league) six pointer. Let's hope the weather is in our favour tomorrow and we match our current form.
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