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  1. Sack off the third kit!!! 1st kit - blue / white 2nd kit - tangerine / blue Kit clash away - 1st kit
  2. Rewind the thread (till next time and next time and...)
  3. There is nothing we can do about this situation this season, except sit back and see how it unfolds. You never know, we may get the hottest springtime in history accompanied by promotion, but I'm not feeling it.
  4. I don't fully disagree (and you are being pragmatic) but if we take that approach nothing will ever happen and we won't progress as a club. It's clearly affected us on previous seasons, but now we have an half decent team/manager it's potentially going to hold us back. Hence all our concerns here.
  5. In the longer term we might have to rip the pitch up and start again if we need to groundshare. We may need to find out how the few teams above us who groundshare with a rugby club manage their pitch. Perhaps this is major crowd funding opportunity? Something has to give. At the moment the pitch cannot sustain both sports. It may look decent from from the stands but it had started to deteriorate before the last game.
  6. If i were a rugby fan I would expect the game to go ahead, conditions are reasonable for a low grade game of rugby. It is inevitable that the pitch will deteriorate fast, despite the best attempts of our good groundsman. Can't we all just accept that if we want to do well, and play successful passing football, groundsharing doesn't work? I don't have the solution, but this is the crux of the matter.
  7. Now that is being pedantic. A whole reply based on a single spelling mistake. Anyone would think you had nothing better to do on a Saturday afternoon.
  8. In case you haven't noticed, I'm enjoying the banter. I'd be happier still if we had played earlier in the day and won, but hey ho. I can't wait to see how the weekend pans out. Is the rugby match still on?
  9. All I'm saying is that you have had it far too easy, and because of that the rugby team acts like a spoilt child. Training on the pitch in the past is a perfect example of this, you treat the football club with total distain. You would love to knacker the pitch.
  10. I wish he would catch a 'high bomb', that would be perfect!
  11. For years and years the football club were robbed blind paying large rents to play on the ground. You guys have had it far too easy.
  12. No, but if I ever came into any money, it would be absolutely the first thing I would do. And I'm probably not alone is saying that.
  13. I'd blame them for everything because it usually is their fault. If you don't like Bootsie , do one!
  14. The pitch didn't look good at the Halesowen game, and it affected our passing game. I wonder why that was?
  15. It's definitely season over if they wreck the pitch. Can't think of any good reason to groundshare at all. It's a financial necessity that I really hate.
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