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  1. I agree he had the game of his life in the play offs, credit where credit is due. He's obviously raised some peoples expectations. I just feel people are judging him on that game, but judge him on the season when it comes to the retained list. Let's see how this one pans out, hopefully he will come good, but I can't see it based on a whole season of mostly no shows.
  2. The one who actually plays for us and the one that I actually watch live. From the touchline he doesn't look as bad as you think. My earlier post in the thread relating to the wrong Rooney did make me look daft admittedly, but not as daft as someone who would retain TSS, it's madness. I've hated people singling him out and attacking him on here, but watching him play has been cringe worthy. I really hope I'm wrong and he improves, but he lacks the basic foresight and touch needed ti do this as a job.
  3. Fair play to Harrogate.
  4. Yes and that's why our play deteriorated. The writing was in the wall as soon as he took our best player off.
  5. Really? You would keep this guy and get rid of Cooper? I'm looking forward to the 20 goals. He will need to improve his first touch as its woeful.
  6. Who's that target man? Because no one in the current squad is capable, and our retained striker has the worst first touch in the history of football.
  7. I personally don't think it's right to discuss his personal illness in the public domain, you wouldn't want your employer doing it to you. However if its just a sport related injury then its fair game. The club needs to assess this, and sort it soon as I want our best player to play a full 90 mins, week in week out. I agree with you, a minimum requirement in sport is that you need to be fit enough to do the job. After all, we can't offer him alternative duties.
  8. At least we filled it often
  9. I was referring to the one of the scorers.... Rooooneyy
  10. I hope the boot is on the other foot and other clubs fans are talking about our players.
  11. I recall a great start another season too, but it was crushed by a certain player at Salford away. Ermm I wonder who that was.
  12. That's was actually my point. We spend ages harking on about what might have been intead of focussing on the mighty shaymen.
  13. Rodney looked disinterested at the end if his last spell with us, perhaps his heart wasn't in it? Despite apparently loving the club, wearing fc halifax boxer shorts (not that I've seen them of course) and being a match made in heaven. Don't be jealous of what others have as it makes no difference to us whatsoever. I'd love to have an Adam Rooney type physical player in our team, a physical player with a good first touch. We are crying out for it. We need to find an uncut gem from somewhere because we can't afford that quality of player.
  14. Hang on here, Rooney definately better than Rodney. He has experience and a bit of bite. Would be clinical with talent around him.
  15. All this sounds like sour grapes. Rooney is head and shoulders above any recent strikers we've had and we'd sign him in a heartbeat if we had the cash. Yet we can't help having a dig, it's a weird outlook.
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