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  1. I'm all for VAR with proper guidelines, enforced properly. It should be all about the game but the game and it's players get faster and fitter year by year. Managers are more astute and have teams pushing on the edge of the boundaries. Take it away we will simply back to slating referees and looking like absolute idiots when we get home and see the replay and realise we were wrong and the referee was right. We've all done it. Conversely, the referees should never be the main talking point, and they always used to be.
  2. In goal line technology the whole ball has to be over the line, that's not marginal in anyway. Perhaps offsides should be whole body offside following the same principle? Benefit of doubt for the attacker as the game is all about goals.
  3. Sense isn't common. The problem is that most people think they have common sense, but we know that's not true when we judge others. Some of the laws of the game are ambiguous and others are made on the hoof (such as recent quick changes and reversals in hand ball rules etc.). As for VAR offside: I'm a fan of having clear daylight between both players. I'm not sure if the clear daylight should be between chest/upper back or total. That's open for debate by someone else.
  4. You can't blame the technology for any of this. Its the idiot human beings that run it, they must be on another planet to the rest of us.
  5. I hope they play as bad as their streaming
  6. I can't remember Cooper getting such a slamming when he played for us. Bit odd that. I always thought that he played with his back to the opposition goal, too defensive minded for what we needed at the time, but not a bad player. There were worse players out there. So fair play to him. Still hope he has a stinker tomorrow lol. We need to tonk someone.
  7. I was going to reply with an emoji, but there isn't one for 'irony'!!
  8. Summerfield best by far so far, Senior looks very agile too, Byrne needs to work on his distribution and he'll be fine and Gold is too much of a TSS (hope not!!! BTM how ironic wink). We've missed quite a few chances that most level headed strikers would put away. I always thought King was good, we just need to play to his strengths. There were times last season when fans got on his back. He just needs space to run at. He always gets in the box when he can.
  9. Regarding voucher codes: These are quite complex and hard to copy free hand. I copied and pasted mine (taking care not to copy an additional space). I think all this is human error with either people not following instructions, or ignoring instructions. I'm not saying it's easy though. Get it right once and hopefully we are OK for the months ahead.
  10. It's a simple one to sort out, after all it's the same voucher code for ST holders for the next six months. Teething troubles. I nearly used the chat function last night, but was scared that this would send the whole stream into meltdown. Let's not get too advanced.
  11. My mates season tickets had been purchased by a friend. He could not log into his streaming account until his friend had activated his online account. Apparently this was included in the instruction emailed out by the club. Perhaps many people with voucher code issues had not seen the instruction?
  12. I estimated on another post that we would have 500 streaming on match day one. I don't know how many actually signed up or whether season ticket holders are part of the the figure, but I do know several Option 1 season ticket holders who have absolutely no interest in streaming these games, even with a code. So if they aren't interested in streaming how will non season ticket holders buy match day passes in reasonable numbers to make this service viable? I hope thousands buy passes tonight, but I can't see it somehow. The only thing the club really have is income from option 1 ticket hold
  13. That's blown it, now that is advanced mathematics. Not particularly sad about Macc, but they will probably come back in another incarnation and pass us on the way up.
  14. Trigger happy post, sorry. Where is the delete button when you need it?
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