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  1. I'm not disagreeing with you, but I'm worried about the longer term. Football should have worked together to protect its assetts by keeping money in the game. If any clubs fold, no matter how big or small they are, it will be weaken the whole industry/business/expensive hobby (take your pick).
  2. And if we haven't done this we will be already in a bigger mess than I thought we were!!
  3. I meant furlough the staff when they are not working, like almost everyone else has done. There is no training, and no playing so surely we've already done this?
  4. Apologies if I sound cynical. I'm not, I'm just being realistic.
  5. This is why football should have pooled resources over the last two months. Put all staff on furlough, even at the richest clubs and invested in a shared, football owned testing facility. They then could have afforded to finish off the whole season behind closed doors under strict hygeine control measures over summer. This would have bought time to think about the future. But instead we are now committing to a next season with no idea if there will be any clubs left or whether gate receipts will ever exist.
  6. Pray for a vaccine as crowds in stadiums and at concerts will be the very last thing that gets relaxed.
  7. I agree you can't physically distance people on flights. Hence the two week quarantine on arrival. They will treat passengers in the same way as if someone in your household has had symptoms.
  8. It's not going to happen. The half time queue for the toilets would circle the stadium. Even with our meagre attendances there is still no room for any social distancing. Unless you are saying don't socially distance at all.
  9. I wonder what's better for the club? Buy your ticket now (club getting a cash injection now, and us saving money in the longer term). Or.... Volunteer to pay full whack on the gate (thus providing the club a steady source of higher income over the season).
  10. We can all think of at least one player who is far worse who turns out every week. I won't mention his name as he has already had a mega thread on here under the title of his own name.
  11. I'm the opposite. I pretend that they never existed (because mostly they didn't).
  12. We have to admit he made a good contribution to the season. We certainly would be anyware near a play off place without him. As soon as player leaves because it didn't just work out some always seem to get on their case. It's a sense of bitterness. Weird.
  13. Lot of quite harsh comments about a player who people thought was a world beater at the start the season. Its amazing how much people know about his agent and his attitude.
  14. I looked up and saw it on TV on the concourse as I was forcing my half time pint down.
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