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  1. A talented young man who I wish nothing but good luck in his future career.
  2. Notts C. v Stockport cancelled due to covid virus to Stockport players
  3. I have trouble hearing from Lanza
  4. Cop out you can´t spell his name.
  5. That´s a lockdown weight problem.
  6. Bradbury and Byrne wrong way round Senior/Williams no probs First thoughts was to put Stenson in but then thought no way will PW start him after being out so long to me if you are bringing a player back you start him as he has warmed up then take him off whenever.
  7. Well back in training today, lets hope all report well. PW says all in contention first time this season. So what´s your team folks? Big Sam Byrne-Clarke-Bradbury Jeff King-Earing-Maher-Summerfield-Williams Hyde-Nepomuceno (by all accounts we just haven´t seen the best of him yet.) subs- Woods-Stenson-Allen-Senior-Green but most of you would go for-Harrison Davidson-Hale
  8. Just Broken----JB wins US election, Is he going to be any better?
  9. Working the doors at that time. vic etc and used to escort groups of ladies to their buses after the shows.
  10. Our media team have not been allowed in for several seasons.
  11. All true Bill, straight from the horses mouth(PW).
  12. Yesterday dj got the news that he has actually got prostrate cancer and is obviously very upset but due to the stones operation they have found out early but having had the operations recently they have to wait a little while so he has to go back in in Feb to test if tumour has grown and then take further action. although upset he is very positive and determined to beat this. He has asked me to post this on the forum so as to keep everyone informed.
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