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  1. Jake Hyde still doesn´t look fit and our luck is unbelievably bad, never a second yellow for Williams, we will have to bring some bodies in. Didn´t think Kings was a red either. How Wealdstone have won 5 on the trot I´ll never know.
  2. I think he mimicked stamping after but didn´t touch him
  3. I thought it was Byrne with the chance not Hyde
  4. Just hope we haven´t got a bald headed Lino.
  5. We have some technical issues with the stream, but we are currently working on getting these resolved. It was working fine earlier when we tested it !
  6. Down side of that can lead to mistrust with the fans. maybe should have just said we will be ready.
  7. A number of squad still self isolating & GA on international duty.
  8. PW in his interview said fully fit squad to choose from for the first time this season
  9. No idea Lewis just quoting National league.
  10. dj wishes to thank everyone for their kind words
  11. National league N/S states 3/4/17
  12. I feel it is a must win game in order to boost the confidence back up, to put in perspective i seem to remember Harrogate was in a similar position this time last season. I also believe we have a good enough squad to get back up to the PO´s.
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