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  1. very true it looks very strange.
  2. England losing 1-0 Maguire sent off.
  3. Can you not do that with a USB cable?
  4. We just don´t like playing players in their natural position.
  5. You will receive the wrath of mighty El Tel.
  6. I had to use search as well and recommended several others last night to do the same. Why make it so complicated?
  7. you can rerun it and watch later.
  8. Why we score the go back to defending so deep is beyond me a tactic I thought we were stopping, I hope Hyde hits the ground running with all the chances we are creating.
  9. Tom should have put that in row z.
  10. refresh page circle arrow at the top of comp page
  11. Only thing I find is I have to turn my sound right up.
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