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  1. He was a great player, RIP.
  2. See Tom Walker gone back to Harrogate from Notts county
  3. Look a brilliant signing also a young lad from Aston Villa
  4. Solihull v Chesterfield. chesterfield only 4 on the bench if they win they will go above us in the league, best result for us draw. Weymouth v Yoevil
  5. Dover closed down for third time, think they are doing something wrong there. Still think FA will want the season finishing tbh.
  6. Stockport v Eastleigh game off tonight positive test at Eastleigh.
  7. so they say but he is a far better MF player.
  8. Clarke still a moth away I believe and Allen´s knee not fully recovered.
  9. I missed Allen injured. I´ve not included youth players.
  10. Sam, Sub Keeper can´t play same time as sam,King, Williams, Senior, Byrne (banned), Maher, Bradbury, Summerfield, Earing, Green, Woods, Chadwick,Injured Lazarus,Clarke, Jay, Hyde, Stenson, Spence out on loan, Tear never getting a chance, Danns I wouldn´t even bother counting. Who have I missed?
  11. Loans cannot be recalled in first month after that anytime.
  12. I think that makes 13 fit first teamers including Byrne who is banned for Sat.
  13. A risk you always run when a loanee is from the same league. PW said he knows who he wants to bring in so we will see.
  14. To get on i4 you have to log in with same name and code as SS game. App could be same for King Lyng as someone said say platform. Hartlepool away game missed first 7 min and no comms for 40 min emailed Hartlepool FC had no reply.
  15. Yes I noticed that Sparrow one of my top 10 favourites.
  16. One of the best RIP Gerry.
  17. Having the same first name as me he passed me on the motorway but in America.
  18. His mum thinks he´s great...
  19. Rod Green could well have bee the other lad but not certain.
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