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  1. Always remember on his debut he was attacking on the RH side of the penalty box north stand through on goal, went to lob the keeper but mishit and it tamely went into the keepers hands.
  2. Good listen as usual, feeding from the U23 is good if it´s like a Hull situation and not a club from our league. U23 loan should be looked at as a benefit for both clubs the league club wanting to get game time for the lad and good enough to help us, a loan from our league is a double edge sword the lad does good and they will call him back.
  3. Probably better than here today just caught on the edge of a tropical thunder storm flood all over.
  4. Don´t normally like short term loans but it has to be the way to go this season.
  5. If he is he will be on a free at the end of the season.
  6. Burnley lad signed from A. Stanley on short term contract CF 23 year old.
  7. Don´t think it is a case of addiction MJ, I think the powers that be see it as entertainment for anyone suffering on the mental health side of things, well except Premiership and that´s just money.
  8. LIVE COMMENTARY for Kings Lynns Game. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0925xpw
  9. In Spain if you refuse to have the injection they are putting you on a register so they know exactly who you are.
  10. there you go https://www.derbyshiretimes.co.uk/sport/football/councils-clarify-how-they-will-be-funding-loans-chesterfield-fc-takeover-2917505
  11. Chesterfield council & Derbishire County council I believe have loaned them a substantial amounts 500k each.
  12. Ref shows red card to Cameron then changes it to yellow under pressure in the mean time Dent and a Solihull player have afters and ref books Hollis by mistake instead of Dents.
  13. Dents scores Solihull 0-1 Chesterfield overtake us in the league.
  14. Linesman apparently lost his contact lens. 4th official finally taking over.
  15. Break in play at Solihull linesman needs the loo!
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