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  1. He must still be 3/4 week away.
  2. Only social media updates, NO website updates or comms.
  3. So what else will you do Nick go have a pint or take the missis shopping oops you just spent a few hundred quid.
  4. I really do not care about that at least our lads get to know the oppos names Stockport took half the game.
  5. And you forgot it´s bloody cold.
  6. Yes he had a terrible game at Yeovil but he is also no where near match fitness.
  7. Golden is more of the big target man as apposed to poacher he has laid some lovely balls of if someone could have taken them I think he will come good but not in the sense of 20 goals a season.
  8. I won´t call you names when I disagree like you do but how you make out Stockport stream was a better quality surprises me, ours is far clear. Also a lot of fans just turned the comms of it was so biased.
  9. Kian Spence finally signed and loaned back to Scarborough until January.
  10. I just want to watch our Shaymen so I´m with you chris.
  11. Unless he is 100% I would not risk him, same with Stenson when he comes back I would rather miss an extra week then play out the rest of the season, no gambling.
  12. PW says Hyde & Lazarus will be in contention for Saturday but does not think they will be fit enough a bit of a contradiction statement.
  13. " red cards for the first time in history------must say something about lack of discipline.
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