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  1. We have played 5 and could easily have won 5.
  2. He´s only young, I think he will come good, Hopefully.
  3. PLease please please all complain to both support@inplayer.com who will reply with a wish washy answer and COMPLAIN and ask for refund to Woking that streaming was diabolical.
  4. Can we please all email support@inplayer.com to report poor streaming.
  5. Exc stream at moment but had to turn sound up full.
  6. refreshed twice still the same
  7. streaming up but hope it improves it´s terrible at the moment.
  8. Looks like Clarke playing LCB.
  9. We´ve obviously not seen the best of Nepomuceno yet as he is supposed to be absolutely rapid.
  10. Quite a while since we have been able to change the team by 3/4 players without weakening it.
  11. According to the physio yes he was the fastest player in the squad. Thats the best praise I gave him plus he has a hell of a shot on him but tends not to use it----that is except today.
  12. You didn´t read my posts then...
  13. so you have decided to watch..ha haa
  14. it's sign in or log in you need to log in. =,then it's straight forward.
  15. You saw the same games as me.
  16. I must have missed that month.....
  17. Charley Cooper their star man so far...............
  18. True Hoddie I was present at a meeting when we were having to apply for re- election. I had been told they would vote against us but to actively canvass other clubs I was shall we say staggered.
  19. Huddersfield also canvassed other league clubs to vote against our re-election on several season in order to pinch our fan base.
  20. There is a link on our site takes you straight in.
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