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  1. Not mentioned in injury update, Jake Hyde is in his last week of rehab and will be training with the group from Monday. Nathan Clarke has been given the all clear to start his physical rehab. Kian Spence will unfortunately need an operation to repair his meniscus which will take place next week. After that we will know how long his rehab will take. Matt Stenson has his operation soon to repair his ACL. Then we will know how long his rehab will take. Read more posts by Kelly Gilchrist
  2. Hartlepools forum would be in melt down.
  3. It will be a reversed charge call if he does.
  4. When we get fans in I´m sure they will soon let him know.
  5. Good or bad I have no idea but age wise etc is where we should be looking so totally happy.
  6. Prize money 5250 plus minimum of next round.
  7. If the rain is that bad pitch inspection should be before Southport travel so say 2/3pm.
  8. Been my opinion for years & years & years. waste of money. No mention of a pitch inspection on our or their web site.
  9. New lad is cup tied and I personally would not have a sub keeper but I know it´s useless naming a team without him as PW will put him on the bench although I hear he is not good enough.
  10. This should have been played last weekend very poor foresight with weather forecast as it is,
  11. We will be lucky if played PW´s possible team Sam Byrne-Maher-Bradbury King-Williams Summerfield-Wood-Earing Mansell-Green Subs Belehouan-Senior-Allen-Tear-Harrison Davidson-Hale -Possibly 2 youngsters.
  12. Lanzo up to 805 cases today that´s 385.45/100,000
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