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  1. Another short term contract, we are scratching about....
  2. Only signed for Radcliffe 28/Oct previously played with Tramere 1 season. Bury
  3. Looks like Neil Danns MF /37 from Radcliffe strange signing
  4. Danns ? Neil Danns 37 MF From Radcliffe???
  5. You play every game to win....always have done.
  6. Gee is it match day, you would never have known, club gone back into lockdown days (little or no communication) you would have thought we would have been trying to build some enthusiasm. C´mon the Shaymen.
  7. Well my Marie says I´m always wrong
  8. God if they think times are bad they should have been around in the 50s-60s.70s.(football wise)
  9. Due a bit of luck.....so gone for a win, plus I cannot back against the Shaymen.
  10. Best recording of this song ever.....it shot into my top 10 fav the first time I heard it.
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