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  1. 1 hour ago, chadders said:

    Keep up old luv twas on the FA website on Monday morning. You're slipping and having to resort to copy and pasting from our official website ;)

    Cheeky! it´s not been on official web site.....when was the last time we had a red card overturned.

  2. 28 minutes ago, steve lumb said:

    I saw lots of content promoting the game, just counted, 20 pieces of content since Saturday across all platforms, which allowed county fans to sign up to the stream as well as ours

    I think your abacus has misfired Steve

  3. 10 minutes ago, TommyH72 said:

    I kind of enjoyed last nights game!!!! Strange really, but I thought they were 2 very evenly matched teams. I dont want to do the analysis of the game or I'd burst into tears, we know we need a goal scorer, Hyde is having the energy drained out of him with every passing game, he desperately needs that goal or his confidence will be zero. The major problem I'm having at the moment is this:- I dont feel any affiliation if thats the correct word, towards the new players. We've had no personal contact with them or vice versa, so watching this bunch of lads on the TV, it's hard to feel any connection with them. Yes its our club and our team, but I'm just not feeling it. I'm starting to realise how hard it must be for them, they've come to a new club, they are a few games in and yet they have no idea just what we the Town fans are like. That might not be a bad thing really!!!! But it must be very difficult, it's a spectator driven sport and its what the players thrive on, what spurs them on. I must be going soft in my old age, but I feel sorry for them. I know nothings gonna change soon but I think the lads need to know that we are behind them and we cant wait to be able to get down to the Shay and actually meet them, in the meantime, I'll take last nights result, the lads did ok, their heads didnt drop and for what its worth I dont think we deserved to lose that game, we had several chances to actually win, but then again so did NC. Lets hope it gee's the boys up for a win on Saturday!! Come on Town. Oh yeah, I'm putting Senior up as my MotM.

    Strange game really Tommy nobody really did much wrong it´s just started the season with some crap luck and confidence has drained not just from the players but the club, it summed it up when you could never have told yesterday was a game day no communication Mon/Tue then new signing put on line up before announcing to me is terrible.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Riders of Rohan said:

    This side needs a couple of wins.

    Confidence will flow back and all this talk about poor passing and choosing the wrong ball etc will disappear. There are some good players in this team, much better than last year, and with the confidence some results will bring we will rock teams.

    Mr Woodwork will start knocking them in rather than back out. Long distance shots will fly in and knees and backsides will find their scoring touch.

    Relax, Believe.

    Totally agree RofR but what you been on so early in the morning?:)

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Sparrow said:

    it was very even..notts had a bit more possession than us we had more chances..fair result

    We had 4 clear cut chances Sparrow 3 easier to score than miss confidence is rank. Maybe now Allen put away that one hopefully confidence will grow. As I have said we are not that far away the whole club need boosting.

  6. Someone needs to get hold of the club by the the scruff and give it a good shake and I mean the whole club the build up to last nights game was non existent, the abysmal notification of a signing on the team sheet before announcing, nothing to create interest but to me it feeds through the team. We are not a million miles away but the way the signing of Danns was was like an apology now I will admit I know nothing of him I really do not follow football league players but if he is as good as say Collins we should have been shouting it from the roof tops. I love this club so sorte it out DB.

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  7. Our confidence as a team is on the floor and Hydes is in the basement even Summerfield not playing well. In case PW does not realise it we need a CF this week. We scraped a draw  thank goodness, looked better when Earing came on but we need to improve. At least the ref improved---- C´mon town onwards and upwards.

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