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  1. TBH been pretty crap from 1949 to 2008 with a couple of exceptional years. Unfortunately I know very little from 2004/2010.
  2. Thought the report unbiased from them. I think we are playing well but not getting over the line.
  3. But unfortunately the streaming was crap. I am in the Hoddie camp I feel the forum is turning into a fund raising forum instead of football forum, I was directly asked to give my refund for the stream to the supporters fund for the Shay and as I have stated previously without a clear and transparent statement of affairs from the club I feel I give enough.
  4. Wokings report https://www.wokingfc.co.uk/news/article/7216/-you-can-run-but-you-can-t-hyde-goalless-draw-in-popular-striker-s-return/
  5. 2200 means the club break even, DB´s words.
  6. Talk about betting on a stacked deck.
  7. No doubt Janis but you owned your own company as I did and we both put money into them aa any company owner does, that´s where the problem lies it´s a Ltd Compnay.
  8. You´re not taking into account other incomes to cover running cost we need 2200, the 200 I would say is easily covered by commercial income.
  9. If I had a full and transparent financial details of the club situation I may have done but I also feel I put enough into our club in different ways.
  10. Payment refund Dear Stephen Samuel Pearson, A refund has been processed on your account in the amount of £12.00. Please allow 5-7 business days for the refund to settle. Thats the email I received this morning.
  11. So did I then I complained to cardslive on woking site.
  12. Sorry but if they had been asking the same as us 9.99 I don´t think I would have bothered but at 12 quid I complained and got my money back. (but then being a tight Yorkshire git I probably would have complained.)
  13. Have to say ours has been the clearest of the lot, well done town.
  14. I once won 25 pound and my missis opened the door to the postman then when she closed it the wind caught it and smashed the glass door, cost me 150quid.
  15. As per PW completely disagrees with youHe thought first we were poor and bollocked the team at half time second half he thought we improve.
  16. I have just received notification of full refund after complaining to iplayer, I did not have to send screen shot (mainly as I do not know how). Sorry for that to have to happen to a football club at this point but the steaming was diabolical.
  17. Thats a good move for him.
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