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  1. No brainer Coat of arms.
  2. Cheeky! it´s not been on official web site.....when was the last time we had a red card overturned.
  3. Both tested negative for corvid.
  4. Strange game really Tommy nobody really did much wrong it´s just started the season with some crap luck and confidence has drained not just from the players but the club, it summed it up when you could never have told yesterday was a game day no communication Mon/Tue then new signing put on line up before announcing to me is terrible.
  5. Totally agree RofR but what you been on so early in the morning?
  6. We had 4 clear cut chances Sparrow 3 easier to score than miss confidence is rank. Maybe now Allen put away that one hopefully confidence will grow. As I have said we are not that far away the whole club need boosting.
  7. PW says in his interview that we dominated Notts County last night, well he wasn´t in my lounge watching the same game as me.
  8. Someone needs to get hold of the club by the the scruff and give it a good shake and I mean the whole club the build up to last nights game was non existent, the abysmal notification of a signing on the team sheet before announcing, nothing to create interest but to me it feeds through the team. We are not a million miles away but the way the signing of Danns was was like an apology now I will admit I know nothing of him I really do not follow football league players but if he is as good as say Collins we should have been shouting it from the roof tops. I love this club so sorte it out DB.
  9. They did but I thought on the whole ref was a lot better ,I prefer one who lets them get on with it rather that the game being about him.
  10. Our confidence as a team is on the floor and Hydes is in the basement even Summerfield not playing well. In case PW does not realise it we need a CF this week. We scraped a draw thank goodness, looked better when Earing came on but we need to improve. At least the ref improved---- C´mon town onwards and upwards.
  11. They are playing us off the park at the moment
  12. Jeff King appeal not overturned so banned 3 games.
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