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  1. Whoever Matthew Shaw is he is claiming Robbo on his way to Crewe Alexandra fc
  2. Anyone read the courier yet supposed to be interview with NA re Jan signings
  3. thats a bit extreme even for you DJ
  4. You trying to tell us we do not DJ you are turning into a right old Greg45
  5. Problem he has now Luke is it looks like he has only apologised as everyone turned him down he should have been advised to made this statement on release from prison, it would have been more acceptable
  6. he has finally made some form of an apology which if he had done in the first place would have made his life a lot easier.Still does not admit guilt.
  7. do you want us to all start again Luke?
  8. Could it now be Grimsby? http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/752390299?-18679:6337
  9. Thought I read he had been paid to the end of his contract by SU even though in prison
  10. Now this sounds like the Oldham we all love to hate. Completely & utterly agree
  11. I expect Evans' appeal to be successful DonĀ“t be too sure Slat, PM & Cardinal wading in, I think there is a more to this case on both sides. Will the justice system want to look to be wrong.
  12. And I am sure she received just as many people writing in to the contrary (but did not print them) as this is such an emotive subject.
  13. I would think so. One of the best loan players we have had. As well as being good he appears to bring the best out of those around him
  14. He has not served his time as he is out on license and can be recalled to serve the remainder of time should a breach have. accurred. It could be claimed he has breached his license by enticing hatred toward his victim. The victim could well be traumatised by the the hole event since his release not just the act.
  15. Will Hatfield in contention for first team on Fri evening so does not look like he will be on his way back according to their WS
  16. just getting my own back SDS Lol
  17. Yes they did and stated they would not this season
  18. This topic has probably raised more debate than any other subject on the forum, it is also one in which no group will ever agree. Firstly the article in the mail on line is possibly one of the best journalistic pieces written by them as it floats in and out of both sides of the debate therefore creating questions on both sides. Secondly I am amazed SDS admits to reading MOL. Thirdly, It did not raise the fact that he has not yet actually served his time as he claims and he could be in breach of his license conditions by encouraging hatred against his victim. My own personal beliefs are
  19. Ebbsfleet had trouble signing players at the beginning of the season, manager said it was due to starting training 2 nights & 1 day as we now do.
  20. Still think we need MF & CF before CD evan after loosing Ainge
  21. NA was being P/T but working F/T hours now being paid for what he has always done
  22. Tbh Noel I think it is his behaviour since release posting a photo of the girl on line after she changed her id etc.
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