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  1. Matty G come to punch & misses
  2. Sent Lowey & Roberts off at Cambridge wA IT NOT lOWEY & gLENNON
  3. Dont like loans but dont care how they come now Pliny
  4. K Roberts to come on Smith off Boden on Marshy off
  5. We sound to be playing our best football
  6. do we ever appeal reds riccardo?
  7. Peniket elbowed........no card..........drop ball..............
  8. could not get bbc listening on sports fm quality good Red card Maynard
  9. Yes edited comm changed their mind
  10. Get in Matty P comm. chaned their mind
  11. we sound to be under the cosh x2
  12. rubbish I want someone in to push Glennon I have been one of his biggest supporters over the last 2 seasons infact claiming last season was prob one of his best of his career but unlike a lot on here do not think he is blameless
  13. Any ball coming in the 6 yard box from a corner should be the keepers whoever he is
  14. 1-0 down Glennon? 2 yards out header should been his
  15. Hate to say it but SP quality V. poor Sports FM good
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