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  1. For me we need to invest in the spine of the team. Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder and Striker. Sorry just want to get WB going
  2. What about the other lad they loaned but was injured?
  3. This thread by me is totally useless as it is now 12/01/2015 and we have not yet signed anybody, oh sorry our Sam
  4. sure there is a mental institution in Rochdale where this person could be sectioned for his own safety. edit. sorry wrong thread should be on the idiots from Rochdale
  5. I do worry about JJ as his whole career as been the same that he can never get a sustained run of games due to injuries etc and seems to take quite a while to recover hopefully Worthy can sort him out as he needs 100% fitness for the type of player he is. This, before a tirade of abuse, is not having a go at JJ just a statement
  6. I do respect your opinion Flea and the comparison with Saville is not a just one but I do believe he new exactly what he was going to do when picking up the young lady regardless, therefore rape must come into play.
  7. 2 wrongs do not make it right........... Jimmy Saville did not drag children or adult women down alleyways they where starry eyed, he did not beat them he raped them. The ladies put themselves in his room (obviously not the children) same with Max Clifford. They abused their status
  8. Another blast from the past...............memories
  9. Well some of us obviously not Mr Evans
  10. By lowering her reputation Trev you are only strengthening my opinion of him, he knew exactly what he was going to do regardless of consent or otherwise now thats a blast from the past the Bull........we possibly where in there at the same time (depending on age)
  11. Shaytrev´s haunts ............. just joking
  12. Eat your heart out Greg45 just announced on player say FCHT have received a bid for Robbo in Jan from Barnsley but turned down.
  13. Based on what I have seen & read Guilty or not guilty is for someone else to decide but I can still have an opinion on how someone behaves I believe Prestorious should have gone to prison for 50 years but he did not.
  14. very very true like corsa´s Have not made his life hell it´s his total behaviour I find distasteful
  15. nope but in this case my opinion is my opinion
  16. Yes there was a miscarriage of justice............the guy who got off should have been convicted................
  17. Whoever Matthew Shaw is he is claiming Robbo on his way to Crewe Alexandra fc
  18. Anyone read the courier yet supposed to be interview with NA re Jan signings
  19. thats a bit extreme even for you DJ
  20. You trying to tell us we do not DJ you are turning into a right old Greg45
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