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  1. most certainly not the worst we have had
  2. Joe Ironside signs for Alfreton http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/753416373?-18679:6337
  3. And it rolls on http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/753374234?-18679:6337
  4. At least at the end Dartford fan hurled abuse at their team & not ours
  5. Also sounded like Peniket ran his socks off
  6. Did not over criticise Matty when sent of at Welling and said he was young & still learning, he would also come back stronger, I believe the same of Jamie Bolton he is young, as NA said in his interview it was silly but he will learn enough said.
  7. Cool penalty from a man out of form, lets hope this sparks him on, Peniket playing like a mini beast and a maturing beast (Matty is back)
  8. Pace makers needed tonight Steve Changed to listen on sports fm
  9. Did the sound quality improve?
  10. Nowt like football is there! Never truer words spoken
  11. Should hear the Dartford fans in the back ground
  12. Matty G come to punch & misses
  13. Sent Lowey & Roberts off at Cambridge wA IT NOT lOWEY & gLENNON
  14. Dont like loans but dont care how they come now Pliny
  15. K Roberts to come on Smith off Boden on Marshy off
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