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  1. Several punches thrown towards Town players. FGR players clearly not happy. Aspin taken to the floor by one Rovers players.
  2. BRILLIANT WIN ..............Punch up on the pitch
  3. Norwood off Mr V New keeper for end of season when Matty G retires
  4. Penalty to FGR Saveddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd
  5. Is it not possible for one of you brainy lads on here to sought out the Shayman player as I have never known anyone to have as many technical problems as them in all my life............Please Att 1030
  6. http://www.forestgreenroversfc.com/news/first-team-news/2014/luke-rodgers-makes-forest-green-exit
  7. FCHT Team news: Glennon; K Roberts, M Roberts ©, Ainge, McManus; Maynard, Marshall; Smith, Hatfield, Boden; Dyer. #fcht FCHT Subs: Senior, Bolton, Jackson, Peniket, Schofield. #fcht
  8. 2 years ago on Grand national day a bar known to take bets was raided and all monies confiscated on Lanzarote
  9. Bookies are often blocked from Lanzarote as well betting other then Lotto was illegal here, officially I believe it still is
  10. Very true re wages but it is amazing how many would still jump at the chance to be a FT footballer
  11. Well bolt45 we must have been to lot of the same games started in 49 @ 3 years old then first game I missed was the floodlight opening as I was in hospital
  12. iTHINK IT WAS THE SAME DEBATE AS WELL Understatement !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Best european cup match ever though
  14. Tbh Mr V it is up to him to get in the right areas and demand the ball...............he actually appears on interviews to be too nice a person (if that is possible)
  15. I will apologise for him DJ as I would not like to have a ruined day.....
  16. To be honest he comes across like that when being interviewed win or lose
  17. I see no post match interviews.........
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