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  1. Or the fact the council at the time allowed them to train there. Presume they do not now.
  2. Missed the capital Q off the end DJ A bit realistic Shaymen2008 for on here but true
  3. NA very diplomatic...................
  4. appear incredibly unprofessional THEY ARE UNPROFESSIONAL.........
  5. http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/749728281?-18679:6337
  6. Maybe the decision is correct but the non explanation is NOT.
  7. Bet the 30 odds guest on here tonight are all Gateshead fans who cannot believe their luck.
  8. Taking common sense into it Bubba you are correct but how can common sense come into a decision like this
  9. Maybe he has just bought a top of the range beamer !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
  10. Gob smacked.............................cannot think of anything else to say
  11. Sorry I did not post earlier but I thought this subject was a P!ss take until I realised it was not the 1st of April..............
  12. http://www.newsnow.co.uk/A/749306065?-18679:6337 Crowd v FCHT
  13. just OPINIONS as are yours Shaytrev
  14. I´ve said it before I will say it again.............I wish we had 10,000 Fleas ( one brilliant fan)
  15. I doubt any of the long term fans 49ers/50s/60s are calling for NA´s head and my advice, be careful what you wish for. Read Bolt45 post. I also believe our scouting system will unearth our next Vardy/Gregory as we have to to survive, could well be Peniket should he improve as Gregs did who knows, but we are only a couple of signings off pushing for that 5th spot. Comments from a friend of mine (a youth coach for Soton) who was at the game last night made 4 points to me 1) you could not really tell which team was F/T or P/T 2) our defence should not have conceded the 2 goals 3) we should have
  16. not that good wont be there at the end....everyone saying they would go straight back up
  17. one of the teams I predicted preseason to struggle...............
  18. Mr V we have pushed for promo for the last 4/5 seasons and we will this, we are short of a couple of players (prefer diamonds from lower league) but we new this at the start of the season. Boden while he is good I do not think he was the right one for us at the time as our team did not suite him, hopefully if we could get the couple of players it would. Do not know what happened with Hatfield last night. Think we need to release Scho and free up his wages. Hopefully things will come together in Jan and we are still in touch with the play off places.
  19. As usual very honest interview from NA.........
  20. Just conversed with a Torquay fan claims we where better than Barnet and had we have taken our chances Torquay would have collapsed. How did Bolton play sounded on SP to be solid also was Ainge injured or poor?
  21. FT Torquay 2-1 FCHT deffo a could have should have something from this game WE are just not taking our chances. Plus side JJ & JB both sounded solid
  22. Torquay 2-1 FCHT about 5 to go
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