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  1. Early post but we need to get away from Sat debacle and get some positivity going, both players interviewed after the game sounded down. Aldershot on the other hand have been inproving, but our poor run STOPS here we will got there and win then we will be back on track. My team Glennon, Bolton, Robbo ©, Hutchison, Macca, Pearson, Maynard, Hatfield, Smith, Peniket, Muldoon. Subs Senior, Roberts, Schofield, JJ, Hattersley C,mon the Shaymen
  2. Don´t think it will happen but it would be very gratifying should it come to fruition they have purely brought the situation upon themselves.
  3. I seem to remember the fans boasting about it
  4. Just the pitch...............no chance greg45 is in the know
  5. Mr Titmarsh´s teacher has spoken
  6. Memory lapse......who is my favorite player??? ....Ha from Southport !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Very TTTTTTTrue Too hot had to sit in the shade this aft. while eating tapas
  8. I actually thought that this site would have been more hostile after last night than it has been. Like you I believe it is onwards & upwards I am one of the most positive people around ( you have to be when supporting town for near on 65 years ) so I believe we will make the playoffs,
  9. The only thing I would question in your post is forums I think they are all pretty much alike.
  10. Gray played 6/8 more games & was the regular penalty taker, Gregs was well ahead on goals per game..................He may not have scored many this season but Millwall fans think he is the only striker worth keeping next season.
  11. We have a far superior squad to last season (and yes Monk I did say we would make 5th on here at this stage last season and everyone laughed at me) but what got us through IMO was the camaraderie of a small squad so the team was not change about but we ran out of steam. this season we have still yet to gel with the new players. I believe we should not rotate the team willy nilly but should pick the best 11 and stick with it, when someone is injured (which we have been very lucky so far this season) then change that one or with loss of form or tiredness. I believe Mr V you are wrong in assessin
  12. We will improve 2nd half.......and they can never have watched Halifax AFC for the majority of the last 55 years
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