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  1. At least we will have leaders on the field 2 former captains and both held in high esteem.....something we lacked last season
  2. When do the players return for training?
  3. You are correct Sam in the fact i have not personally seen them but I do not state we should buy them I state they are worth a look. I get this from reading their match reports non league reports and yes their forum chats. It is virtually impossible for me to attend games or I would, I would not I might add attend premier league games , do not even watch them on tv. My interest is soley non league and of course FCHT 1st & formost, so yes I read up on them I watch internet tv on them & dvds on them if you like I am a fanatic about them. Having said that should FCHT have got to Wembley l
  4. It´s all ShaymanJoes fault with Jake
  5. Anyone know if Jamie Osbourne has signed?
  6. In this particular case and this case only I know it was v BPA
  7. The DVD was put on the internet and that is where Barry Horne saw him.
  8. I never claimed to unearth him,I did not Find him he was an example of someone being splashed all over the internet and on forums including ours and the is hoe Wrexham took a punt on him. I DID NOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HIM PRIOR TO HIM BEING ON THE INTERNET.
  9. Forums was just one place I mentioned as I do believe fans (majority) do actually know a good player when they see one............internet another dare I mention Elliott Durrell.
  10. Still find it hard to believe greg45 that with all the technology this day and age that a scout will suddenly decide to float off to Blyth Spartan to see a game without reading or seeing something of a player, may get there and see another player he prefers PS keepy uppys has nothing to do with being able to play football if I remember rightly we used to have a young lad in Halifax who was British champion if not world champion but was pretty useless at the actual game (60s maybe 70s)
  11. As NA pointed to watch more than once these days they miss out ie Che Adams made a bid on 2nd viewing and missed out
  12. Which is exactly what I am saying sam I read a lot about non league players and watch dvd´s on them particularly clubs like Ilkeston who have a very fine record of producing players
  13. I will answer your question with a question why did Roberts not play much last season I would somehow have accommodated him
  14. Incorrect most these days rely mainly on DVD,s and as a last resort view personally before paying out..But as I am not paying money out for them plus it is virtually impossible for me to travel to UK everyone is correct I do not see them in person
  15. 20% drunk before the game so do not see it or see double 50% drunk after game so cant remember it 28% alzheimers suffers so that leaves Flea & DJ
  16. No sam just indepth reading .and internet watching clips & club reports & forums as most professional scouts do.(not claiming to be a professional scout just keen enthusiast with time) plus keeping an eye on clubs were you know they have a good structure of coaches & management as higher clubs now do with us.
  17. I would say there are 3 McGuire,GordonChettle It would certainly be a step up for them but wether we pay enough or not I do not know.
  18. Dont know about icehockey bit it is blinking cold up there
  19. Steve Chettle Notts Forest? Edit just googled Yes CB Notts Forest now Ass Manager / academy manager Ilkeston
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