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  1. He´s that over weight Ash his positioning looks that good as he is covering half the pitch
  2. Haven´t a clue as long as it is not Mr McNulty
  3. Suggested Jan one of my original one to watch along with Bogle who if you believe the hype could also be on his way there.......Maguire gone there I think because of Wilson.
  4. Someone said NA on holiday until 15th so doubt anything before then.
  5. How do you know?..........Its a question by the way not abuse
  6. Somebody has to chadders. Its just everyone on here say such n such is following whoever on twitter/FB and I thought how thw hell do they know so last night I was faffing about and JO came up so I just asked.....not expecting a reply.
  7. Jamey Osborne, What a nice guy. Just had contact with him on FB, last night I asked would he be joining FCHT he has just answered quote ¨Don´t know yet mate I have had contact with 3 clubs, FCHT being 1, will make a decision in next 2 weeks¨ Could not believe when a footballer actually took the time to answer.
  8. Can he do worse than a few we had last season...................and we were in the top 10 (just)
  9. So have I SMJ only to be ridiculed Bet he goes L2
  10. Any Coughlin now there is a good goal keeper 22 left Wrexham...........don´t think we have a cat in hells chance of getting him though
  11. Official squad we have 6 players so far http://www.halifaxafc.co.uk/team/ I do know it is out of date...............
  12. You require 2 ingredients though quality & desire, the second is definitely lacking. Sorry
  13. Would not bet against it. Not bother about Boden but would have liked James.
  14. You are right SDS last season we just closed down for 2 month, at least regarding information to fans, this closed season has been great.
  15. OK guys everything has gone very quiet, what´s happening anyone know?
  16. Time for NA to work his magic.................
  17. Wrexham doing a FGR a fan complaining they now have 9 forwards signed and no full backs...
  18. But has he wrestled with WB or ewalsh to qualify?
  19. According to Wrexham WS Lincoln have taken over his contract...their wording
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