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  1. Cannot disagree with that and all 3 are better than JJ so I would add him to the list.
  2. Always the bridesmaids !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Brave young man taking on DJ Funky
  4. The problem is a F/T player in the later years of his career thinks if he drops down it will be easier but I do not believe it is, I have no problem with a younger player dropping down hoping to resurrect his career. Hopefully the scouting team done their jobs properly.
  5. Thought you had hybonated ......
  6. Most P/T contracts have now expired so no problem announcing signing F/T I think finish 30/06 but most retained lists published hope we do not sign has beens going from F/T to P/T
  7. Maybe looking along the lines of Aaron Williams (Rushall Olympic) Northern premier top scorer (28 goals 4 more than Danny Maguire) only 22 was on the books of Walsall before dropping to non league England C player
  8. Hope its Hatfield.....there has been one or two good forwards move on from club to club but I think we will be looking lower league..
  9. Well we should at least get to know the retained list as NA back off hols..............
  10. Dont really want to keep Smith,JJ,Scho (we need better) and I thought I had read Will had signed for someone............might be wrong and one I had hoped would stay Told me he would make his mind up this week.........I put on here about 10 days ago.
  11. Andy Coughlin Wrexham to Southport
  12. Josh Gillies to Gateshead from Carlisle
  13. Well this place should liven up from Monday NA back from holidays.......
  14. LCS dont you go giving double barrelled names, you will upset WB
  15. Yes but you would not know them to be able to comment
  16. Thought that would wake you up !!!
  17. Poss both better then Mr G Edit By the way SDS very impressed you are up at this time of day.........................
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