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  1. 2 minutes ago, Hoddie said:

    Used to have a beer with his dad on occasion in the Punch Bowl. Big football fan, think Man Ure but not certain. Anyways, I think the problem with his lad is his lack of height, though I might be thinking of someone else. But in any case, that shouldn't really be an issue in the Conference. Would be great to have a local lad knocking them in. 

    He´s 5`-9¨ according to wipi but the youtube looks good he´s made quite a life for himself out there.

  2. 30 minutes ago, Sparrow said:

    yes lee tuck steve...look on utube at his goals ..he scores 2 from half way line and won golden boot in his league..hes a bit of a superstar out there..and one of lads other here..but he is class

    Terengganu FC


  3. 2 minutes ago, Macam blue said:

    Personally I would stick with the 3 Centre backs & put a holding player sat in front, they look capable & will perform better in the knowledge that they & Sam are the last line. The holding player needs to be someone who can break play up & release those in front. I haven't seen any team either this season or last come at us with more than 3 attacking players, but we have been sussed out as a powder puff attack with no width.

    Ditch the  wing backs & put 2 of our better crossers out wide & give the opposition something different to contend with.

    That leaves 4 forward midfield/attack minded players to try create some chances. 1 goal will not win many games this season, we need to be aiming to score 3+ & worry about keeping a clean sheet to back it up.

    It may seem radical, but someone once said attack is the best form of defense. ask Pep  -_-

    It was long before Pep was born...:P

  4. 22 minutes ago, born to moan said:

    It's not like me to moan and I'm sorry if someone's mentioned this before and I missed it, but Inplayer is not very good is it. The commentators Kirky and his mate are fine no problem. It's the camera work. I think they are too far away, they never zoom in. They are too fond of Sam Johnson. I've watched all the streams and the best one without doubt was the South Shields match. They presented it well, action replays at half time etc. Let's hope things improve.

    You maybe right but you are still a moaning old bugger.

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  5. 1 hour ago, chadders said:

    King's ban was not on our website but on the FA's sorry. I was surprised Lanzo had not seen this plus for some reason he's had to resort to copying and pasting articles from the FCHT website as opposed to him having the ITK info and posting before the official news is released ;)

    Try reading my first post of the season your so far behind Mr. C All I copy & paste are team selections-

    I had seen it but I was answering a direct question on Tues evening.

  6. 37 minutes ago, TommyH72 said:

    Ah yeah!!! Ernie Hunt. What a great goal, what year are we looking at Steve??? It just makes you wonder with all the tricks and flicks that they do these days that they dont do more of this kind of stuff.

    1970 it was actually Willie Carr that flicked the ball up and Ernie scored.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Hoddie said:

    We were as poor as each other. Wild's talking about taking on the league leaders "on the back of a positive result" - he cannot be serious.

    Just read his article on News Now, as per I cannot even open courier. Told you he saw a different game to me.

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  8. Just now, Hoddie said:

    We were as poor as each other. Wild's talking about taking on the league leaders "on the back of a positive result" - he cannot be serious.

    Ah but Hoddie he wasn´t in my lounge watching the same game as me.

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