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  1. 600 capacity with covid19 limitation and think lower non league seem to be getting good crowds. Great to hear them.
  2. Overall what I saw they played well Roy.
  3. Unfortunately he was rested but will watch again my picture was fantastic and it was a very good game two brilliant saves again one from each keeper. Scarborough deserved the win.
  4. As I said last night Scarborough lost internet after about 9 min at half time they could not get their correct stream back so they transfered it onto a free for view youtube channel the picture coverage was excellent but no comms, this morning opened my mail and full refund which I did not ask for. Bit different to Woking.
  5. Watching stream excellent quality but after 9 minutes Scarborough lost internet Scar, emailed will offer full refill and searching for alternative stream for second half. Lost stream but club far more professional than Woking.
  6. While at Huddersfield, Gray tackled Bradford City striker Gordon Watson in February 1997, the sliding tackle broke Watson's leg in two places and left his career in tatters. Out injured for 16 months, Watson was never the same player. Watson successfully sued Gray for negligence and was awarded £50,000 in interim damages.[1] as well as a latter £900,000, the bulk of which was to compensate for the loss of anticipated earnings
  7. Scarborough playering tonight could check later if Kian playing then watch live stream a fiver.
  8. It´s the off side rule which is wrong.
  9. Don´t worry about it ITMAN I´m not.
  10. I hope SU turn their season around for CW sake he deserves it.
  11. Not demanded Itman asked. their is a big difference, if you had demanded I would have told you where to go in no uncertain terms.
  12. I still think we are in for a good season.
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