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  1. I don´t read it because I cannot open it but if I see the article elsewhere say newsnow it goes straight in no ad etc.
  3. Who said there has been a fall out---NOBODY.
  4. TBH it´s about as logical as anything else they consider.
  5. What about Lewis Knight BPA
  6. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????
  7. That´s also the earliest date Hartlepool have 16th Feb.
  8. As I said on another thread PW´s last interview he said ¨Clarke is a long way off being fit¨.
  9. We have shot up to 519 cases today 21 in hospital 3 ICU last 3 days 122-83-79
  10. Nathan was mentioned in PW´s las interview, long way from being fit.
  11. PW said he is a long way from fitness do we fear he has now gone the same way as Danns, I unfortunately think he could have, same sort of age serious injury will he come back? An eye injury is a very serious one as every time you jog/run and move your head you put pressure on your eyes. to me this is why PW has brought Belehouan in. Your thoughts tin helmet in place and bullet proof glass all around.
  12. Thank God for that, ridiculous signing.
  13. I was there as well the game should never have been played even back then.
  14. Hope they have all bought the stream then we don´t reply to their requests for refunds.
  15. Hope they all bought the streaming from us then don´t get a reply.
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