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  1. refresh your page top left hand side
  2. Glad someone is teaching kids to play football properly.
  3. Clarke has a scratched eye Allen Knee injury
  4. Clarke out for a month at least Allen Knee injury.
  5. Maybe good footballers greygoose but not showing it at this point in time, Woods seems to want to just pass sideways & Danns as I stated looks like a player still suffering after illness and Summerfield I like a lot and always have done but last 2/3 games been deffo under par.
  6. I´ve just had to send mine to Belfast. cost me 6.50€ postage as well.
  7. That´s a very slow MF greygoose Woods/ Danns (not looked much obv coming back from illness but showed nothing yet)
  8. Can´t see that mj the Shay will be empty.
  9. Nathan distribution is terrible fchtnico he just boots it out straight to their player then come straight back again. I thought he had a good start to the season with Byrne & Bradbury along side him but last 3 games I think he has been poor.
  10. Ya thanks Quickvic I had an accident then Marie did then she had to have an op which was expected to take 10 mins and took 2 hours so a shock to both of us so just decided to opt out until things settled.
  11. Controversial Whatever PW is doing simply is not working, I believe in youth with some experience but we seem to have gone for vets with a bit of youth plus a few dodgy signings. Lazarus ?????? Danns I originally put Danns 37??? only to be slaughtered by greggs what´s he done, Woods, Clarke having poor season after good start and what does PW see in Gevaro Nepomuceno. ( he´s worked with him for 3 years). Time to forget worrying about the oppo I would go 4-2-4 if they score 2 we score 3. Johnson King (capt) Byrne
  12. strange I had no problems at all but have received my money back.
  13. He can´t be doing huns as they would be shooting on sight. He states that they are not doing what he asks.
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