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  1. We are getting 50 a day boat people who have now taken to bringing drugs with them to finance their live the Guardia have confiscated over 7,000,000€ worth on the last 2 week.
  2. Strangely we always seem to think sportsmen being fit will live longer.
  3. RIP Nobby one of the best characters.
  4. It is JF who first fell out with him though.
  5. BPA did but not at the wages.
  6. it´s 5,30 in the morningand I´m not American it´s Stephen
  7. Yes but he had problems under JF. TBH I think the manager should sort the situation out.
  8. Problems started before PW.
  9. He should be make to train on his own (with a member of staff) as per his contract which would either let the club see how good he is and change their mind or he gets pissed off and joins a club that is interested in him.
  10. Not in my opinion but PW rates him very highly.
  11. He is supposed to be rapid with clever feet neither of which we have seen yet.
  12. Who´s he or did you mean Omotayo, sorry having a chadders moment.
  13. Good luck to all who are ill, I don´t think it will be the last postponement, at least we should be able to get everyone fit, hopefully.
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