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  1. 2 minutes ago, chadders said:

    Few reps - sorry area sales managers -i know then run around for 90 mins + covering about 5 km. The forward line seems to have been rotated virtually weekly enforced through injury which disrupts continuity and cohesion. So could we be forgiven for lacking the cutting edge all things considered?


  2. 3 minutes ago, Roy Race said:

    Down to the refs to move things along if they think it is time wasting etc. To me if players are near touchline they should be treated off the pitch as it used to be, doesn't happen nowadays H&S gone mad?

    To me I would instruct our players to carry on playing, it´s up to the ref to stop the game then it would help cut the play acting out.

  3. 48 minutes ago, chadders said:

    Disagree i think credit where credit is due; after a decent win and a 500 ish mile round trip to Bromley the already injury hit squad had to reschedule again due to the loss of Dan Williams. The players looked  fit and kicked on in the final ten minutes last night and probably should have nicked all 3 points.  

    Apart from Hyde and Stenson (who have been out for weeks)the squad isn´t really weakened and as for the 500 mile round trips a quarter of the nation do that every week ie reps business men. All I´m saying is we just lacked that cutting edge. Whether Campbell is the right signing we don´t know yet as I said he is about a yard off the pace but he made a few excellent touches. We should and could have won, Wrexham at the moment are the poorest team I have seen them turn out for a few seasons. Also looks like Woods could possibly be out for a while if as said by PW he is suffering with long covid as Danns is. Senior and William are about equal re quality wise so that made no difference.

  4. Manager admits to telling keeper to feign injury for 2 minutes to take the momentum out of the game as Chesterfield were dominating. He should be banned in my opinion, it´s surely equal if not worse than a player diving. A total disgrace.

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  5. Campbell slowly improving 2/3 excellent touches but still a yard off the pace or he would have had a hat trick last night to me a lacklustre performance accompanied by very dull commentary to be HONEST.

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  6. 1 hour ago, chrisbo61 said:

    I dont think anyone could handle it as badly.

    You have to remember, this government isn't made up of the best people for the job, its made up of hard core brexiteers, who by definition are stupid!

    We never stood a chance.

    No it´s not Chris the best people in the UK won´t touch the job with a barge pole.

  7. My Team today for 3 points.


       5-Byrne    31-Maher    6-Bradbury

                      2-King     3-Senior

    19-Summerfield    8-Green    10-Earing

                      7-Allen    33-Campbell


    Subs    12-Harrison Davidson-Hale  35-Belehouan  20-Tear  34-Mansell  18-Benn

    Don´t forget 7pm ko.

    BBC radio comms. https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/football/55740943


    cost of stream from 10 pounds they have option to pay more.


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