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  1. 1 hour ago, hunsworthhound said:

    Watching the National League highlights it was noticeable how many goals were  20/25 yds shots why don't  we shoot we didn't  do it last season either does Wild tell  them to walk  it into  the net.

    He can´t be doing huns as they would be shooting on sight. He states that they are not doing what he asks.:D

  2. 2 minutes ago, shaymenRup said:

    For a businessman DB hasn’t grasped the online audience at all. No advertising, no highlights, no fan engagement. Why nothing pre-recorded to play at halftime. Other clubs are far far ahead. Should be a pre-recorded manager interview , chairman interview , a fan spot where fans can upload their own messages ... birthdays , anniversaries etc . 

    Just nothing but going dizzy with camera farting around. Poor.

    If I was a sponsor I wouldn’t be impressed.

    Yup watch the Scarborough & SS they are good.

  3. 2 minutes ago, greygoose said:

    Can Maher/ Senior get quality delivery into the box? 

    IMO we are putting crosses in too diagonal so they are easy to defend or sale to the keeper, we need to get to the bye line and cross, harder to defend and easier to attack (if we have anyone in the box).

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  4. When I think back I seem to remember a tv documentary on a lad going from English non league to asia about 5 years ago and making a stardom type living, whether it was this lad or not I cannot remember.

  5. Our iplayer is as good as anyones but the best presentations have been equally SS & Scarborough who use the same format so I think that they are having some help from whoever the provider is regarding the presentation. Both have ads, reruns and lead up to the games.

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