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  1. That is the same for all clubs Nick, personally that they could have gone with the Brighouse lads or like SS & Scarborough some sort of youtube channel.
  2. Yes they announce a couple of days ago that the manager & assistant going FT.
  3. yes I know but they know I am in Lanzo and they have finally let me in at the bottom of the ticket page contact Bill Waterson he sent me a different page to book stream on
  4. Yes that´s all a bit strange maybe threw his toys out of his pram after not being selected last game.
  5. I am in after 5 emails between me and a Bill Waterson at Alty football club only taken 4 hours to get in so we had better win.🥶
  6. They have finally accepted my money but no code what does it look like just numbers or letters and numbers?
  7. Radio Robin for me tried another 5 times.
  8. Why does it move on her head????????
  9. done all that and still not in emailed their and told them what a load of bollox it is
  10. I think I have paid but no code
  11. That has to be the hardest stream in the world to buy.
  12. Totally agree no more than a squad man.
  13. If fit I would have Woods CM drop Maher back and put Nathan on the bench.
  14. She actually has the power to sack the PM. Also is not afraid to tell them what she thinks of them.
  15. Me too imaging the PM´s running wild if not having to answer to the monarchy on their weekly visit or human rights under a dictator. But each to their own🙂. As the saying goes be careful what you wish for.
  16. Hate to say it but probable team for Cheltincham 1 Sam Johnson 5 Byrne 6 Clarke 6 Bradbury 2King 3 Senior 8 Green 31 Maher 10 Earing 9 Hyde 7 Allen. Subs 40 Renshaw 6 Clarke 19 Summerfield 29 Obiero 11 Williams 30 Spence . KO 3pm Live stream-https://alty.ticketco.events/uk/en/e/altrincham_v_afc_halifax_town Starts 2pm Commentary-https://www.altrinchamfc.com/fixture/first-team/2020-21/
  17. Fortunately Karma played it´s part and the evil man had a very painful death.
  18. TBH Roy it´s a ground I have never been to.
  19. RIP Prince Phillip your comments will be missed.
  20. You shouldn´t be such a short arse.😄
  21. £9.99 from memory btm I watch one earlier it was OK well at least didn´t stand out being crap.
  22. Kossy been injured, don´t know if recovered yet.
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