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  1. Me (Alan Jackson song Mexico,tequila me)
  2. Yes it´s the game where their player Fred Pickering shouted leave it Pick which our CH (Pickering)did and they scored.
  3. Have you already registered Janice if not you have to register then log in.
  4. Well it won´t be a draw then.
  5. Cannot see why UK residents only as it´s the same platform as Scarborough use.
  6. The National League is to distribute the government's £10m support package on an average attendance basis, meaning seven former Football League clubs will receive a larger sum. Chesterfield, Hartlepool, Notts County, Stockport, Torquay, Wrexham and Yeovil will receive £95,000 a month, with the 16 other clubs receiving £84,000. National League games are currently being played behind closed doors. The first payments of National Lottery funds is scheduled for next week. In National League North and South, the majority of clubs will get £30,000 a month, alt
  7. Problem with VPN you go to register and there are 1.000 from the same address then certainly with me my card is a Spanish Bank and they see that and refuse.
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