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  1. Not surprised tbh we are heading for a lock down G.
  2. I´ve done a 6k walk over the volcanic larva fields and watching England v Sri Lanka. with a cup pf Yorkshire tea.
  3. YUP my sunday paper round paid for that, and selling 2nd hand football programmes paid for the paper round. A Walkers house at Cragg Road Mytholmroyd.
  4. Me 2pound 3/4d for 48 hours-112pòunds4/6 per year.
  5. You will Ike, it was our wedding anniversary Fri, we just stayed in.
  6. up to 757 today, went into tier 3 last Fri, heading for another full lock down. Arrecife 3rd highest capitol in Europe per 100,000.
  7. How can we field a weakened team when we can just raise 15 squad players plus a youth.
  8. bought Sunday paper round Mount Tabor helped buy my first house.
  9. I see Bell didn´t even make the bench again.
  10. Someone quoted a while back he has a long term injury.
  11. What we definitely do not want is to be playing the game Thursday evening with a depleted squad then having to play an important league against Bromley on Sat.
  12. Normally totally agree but this season is unique-. risk taking is dangerous.
  13. Personally I don´t care who offered, who declined in my opinion it should have been accepted, there must be a 50% chance that the game could not be played before Fri.
  14. That was very educational of you....... I said if.
  15. The game, I would think, has a less than 50% chance of being played on Tues by the weather reports so who ever refused the swap deserves to be kicked out on Fri. If the original draw had come out as away to Southport I would have thought we would have been quite happy.
  16. Southport web site https://southportfc.net/halifax-match-off-now-tuesday/
  17. So your saying Southport are liars?
  18. Apparently we offered to change the game to Southport but they declined, the game has to be played by the 22nd or both clubs will be removed from the competition.
  19. Snow to thaw then rain what chance of playing Tuesday?
  20. TBH if we cannot play the game at the Shay and is playable at Southport I would prefer to do that. We need to play.
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