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  1. We did trev. otherwise he would have played long before he did, it was a big gamble as to whether he broke down again. Anyway hope he stays fit and wins us promotion & the partnership with Dave blossoms, now just need to move Southwell on and get a good MF player in alongside CK.
  2. No problem with the extention but no I would not have signed him injured. As greygoose always say hindsight is a wonderful thing.
  3. And where did you read that?????????? I think he is GREAT, But I would NEVER sign a NEW player who has been out INJURED for 2 years.
  4. The key dates for the 2019/20 season are: Fixtures released on Wednesday 3rd July 2019 Opening fixtures on Saturday 3rd August 2019 Season finishes on Saturday 25th April 2020 Vanarama North & South Promotion Finals on Saturday 9th May 2020 Vanarama Promotion Final at Wembley on Sunday 10th May 2020
  5. We've not seen the best of Jamie Allen yet.
  6. Wish they were all like that. All I'm trying to say is all signing are a risk to reward situation so a club like ours cannot afford the high risk players and Redshaw was a definitely high risk BUT luckily he is paying off.
  7. no I did not luckily he has so far got fit the previous god knows how many did not, what bit of that did you NOT understand? He had been out injured for nearly 2 years, other club looked at him and turned him down, FCHT took the chance and fortunately it´s turned out well so far. May I add McClousky did not and would i sign another long term injured player tomorrow the answer is NO the risks are too high.
  8. Incorrect, not did not want Redshaw it's I would never sign a long term injured player, we have signed about 15 in my time and none been successful and to be honest Jack as still some way to go in the heavy winter, yes in the few games he has played he has been great. Not questioned ability at least he stayed loyal to his credit.
  9. When we signed him I believe he was the highest earner.
  10. Only thing I disagree there Erik is if we loose a CB I would fetch a loan player in and not disrupt Staunton. Need to move Southwell on desperately.
  11. You are correct ewalsh was looking at their match report and it just listed players not team & subs sorry.
  12. He played 90 min yesterday, final day of loan so they have option to extend.
  13. Think as of 26/12 he had 8 so 2 since + 1 cup game so should be suspended. prob 2 games so will be lucky to get his place back when he returns.
  14. off loading the, hardest we've had plenty of chances for the MF player. We could off load one easily but he's not the one we really need to get rid of.
  15. Games to be played we could easily end up mid 70s we need to off load a couple of players and bring 1 good MF player in.
  16. Contracted to end of season then free agent.
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