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  1. Non league shows interview with Bromley chairman worth a listen. THE NON-LEAGUE SHOW – CHAIRMAN DANNY HUNTER SPEAKS WITH OLLIE BAYLISS
  2. These youngsters are not hardened. They didn´t go through the grim years.
  3. Greygoose should we loose 10-0, 10-0,10-0 I will still watch the 4 game etc.....
  4. err yes orr maybe crazy situation.
  5. Well we were born in Gods own country so what do you expect.
  6. Usually commercial businesses have to pay a higher fee or can be prosecuted if reported showing the stream.
  7. Does not matter where you live to get streaming tmwwt.
  8. Streaming is not normally a problem i.e. when we played Leyton O. I watched their streaming.
  9. I always say I don´t smoke because I don´t like it, I don´t drink because I don´t like it and I don´t gamble because I would. Use to gamble but not at all now sorry once a year on Spanish lottery .
  10. I actually believe we will beat home attendance figures. When you think of all the southern teams in this league now who don´t bring many supporters.
  11. All streaming will be done by home clubs and all revenue will be kept by home clubs according to Chesterfield which seem to tally with Dover statement so looks like a universal price of 8 POUNDS.
  12. I think we have used the friendlies very strangely, not played starting 11 together yet.
  13. Tear on presume another youngster.
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