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  1. Allen finally booked sounds like he was determined to get one.
  2. http://mixlr.com/fchtonline/?utm_source=new_broadcast_alert&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=alert https://www.bbc.com/sport/live/football/49550921
  3. Can't see DB paying for that it would be at least 30K
  4. FCHT not said but transfer web pages listed him Sat morning as left FGR and signed for FCHT so a signing presume to end of season.
  5. If Cooper turns out to be a Bob Wallace we have a cracking player.
  6. Tenerife, I can´t swim that far.
  7. Twenty four and a half. (¨never win anything with kids¨ ha ha famous quote.) We will.
  8. Was 25 Odelusi,Freeman left will work out later.
  9. Squad 2019/20 Goal Keeper 1-Sam Johnson-(26)-(30/06/21) 12-Will Appleyard-(19)-(30/06/20) Defence 2-Michael Duckworth-(27)-(30/06/20) 3-Jerome Binnom-Williams -(24)-(30/06/20) 4-Nathan Clarke-(35)-(30/06/20) 5-Matty Brown-(29)-(30/06/23 + 1 year extention) 6-Liam Nolan-(24)-(30/06/20) 14-Josh Staunton-(23)-(30/06/20) 16-Jacob Hanson-(21)-(30/06/21) 31-Nial Maher-(24)-(30/06/20) Midfield 7-Jamie Allen-(24)-(30/06/20) 8-Jack Earing-(20)-(30/06/21) 10-Cameron King-(23)-(30/06/20) 20-Jeff King-(23)-(30/06/20) 22-Charlie Cooper-(22)-(30/06/20) Forwards 9-Dayle Southwell-(25)-(30/06/20) 11-Tobi Sho-Silva-(24)-(30/06/20) 15-Liam McAlinden-(25)-(30/06/20) 17-Josh MacDonald-(23)-(30/06/20) 21-Danny Williams -(30)-(30/06/20) Manager Pete Wild Assistant manager Chris Millington Edited just now by St
  10. Now thats a team I remember well. I suppose at 10 year old it really starts to stick in the mind.
  11. Thanks dj we had a great day, asleep a long time when you are dead, hugs returned.
  12. I´ll send you the bill. Just got back too hot on the sea front. Marie says ha ha.
  13. Thank you sir. Going to the Italian.
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