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  1. JV gets his 100th premier league goal.
  2. Mr c everyone who would like to think they are represented at the match send a photo of them selves (at a cost) this is then mounted onto a comp in a thumb nail and you have a montage. A man made millions doing it with companies. Cost nil.
  3. If you wanted to do something like this you are better off doing a montage on a comp screen and getting our club to put it in a vertual programme on the official web page.
  4. Also know BHW they wouldn't even let media team in, they are the most miserable barstewards in the league.
  5. You can ask BHW but you still won't get. Why buy card board cut outs anyway they cost money.
  6. Who the f--- is Tommy coming on here moaning at us.
  7. I'd have to be to go to Aldi as we haven't got one. So it would be a 4/5k round trip.
  8. Nathan Clarke on radio Leeds 6.50 tonight.
  9. C'mon Hoddie the organisation has been abysmal from the word go.
  10. I thought there was supposed to be an announcement last night on dates for game.
  11. Yes I know but posted this morning at 10.09
  12. Is this just out of date or new directive posted this morning. http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/1037780170?-13031:4599
  13. School boy matches always played at the Shay then meal at Clare Hall.
  14. Harrogate 7/4 Notts 9/4 Yeovil 5/1 Boreham Wood 6/1 Barnet 10/1 Halifax 16/1
  15. Ha divided by 200 haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa senior moment.
  16. 100% yes and bleeding well educated and given experience in gov circles by us. Worked for Blair and went up in my estimations when she said she did not trust or like him.
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