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  1. This is not like you Icke are you on something?
  2. Expense claimed by mps according to Telegraph 2017 Average claim PER MP. DUP £194,537 Green £184,257 PC £169,578 Labour £166,233 SNP £153,813 Conservative £151,403 Lib Dem £135,414
  3. Think you had it bad My step brother was their SC treasurer or secretary for about 8/10 years got them rammed down my throat.
  4. Players words not mine in his interview he went out on loan to Bromley went back to FGR got injured and so he needed to go out on loan again to try get game time to help his recovery and get fit.
  5. Controversy coming up- I would reduce the number of MPs by half double the wages which should attract a better person and it would also save vast amounts of money in expenses.
  6. One more thing why are we tending to sign more southern player they usual are on better wages we always used to look more north.
  7. There are players that are fit and scoring goals at Leed, Huddersfield, Burnley Sheffield Unt etc and would be on sub wages.
  8. My sentiments entirely.
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