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  1. I just said it´s a poss reason not was
  2. he´s still not back for personal reasons,
  3. That is the same for all clubs Nick, personally that they could have gone with the Brighouse lads or like SS & Scarborough some sort of youtube channel.
  4. Yes they announce a couple of days ago that the manager & assistant going FT.
  5. yes I know but they know I am in Lanzo and they have finally let me in at the bottom of the ticket page contact Bill Waterson he sent me a different page to book stream on
  6. Yes that´s all a bit strange maybe threw his toys out of his pram after not being selected last game.
  7. I am in after 5 emails between me and a Bill Waterson at Alty football club only taken 4 hours to get in so we had better win.🥶
  8. They have finally accepted my money but no code what does it look like just numbers or letters and numbers?
  9. Radio Robin for me tried another 5 times.
  10. Why does it move on her head????????
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