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  1. Tear on presume another youngster.
  2. Seems some strange decisions today trial a L wing back and tale 2 attacking trialists and only 1 features.
  3. We donĀ“t need a L wingback. Why trial one?
  4. Yes he is I know and the trialist playing is a defender poss playing RB with Maher CB
  5. No I asked Curzon yesterday.
  6. Is the trialist defender Adam Henley?
  7. I think AJS is looking at Maher,Benn, Clarke, Bradbury & Byrne as the 5 CBs
  8. Senior had a knock ok for Tues.
  9. Hyde had a knock should be ok tues.
  10. I was arrested that day for my own safety, I used to take a friends lad with me who had learning difficulties and we somehow had got into the home end and when we scored he, shall we say could not contain himself so the police had to dive in and rescue us. Happy days also happened to us at Donny.
  11. Denise Coates (bet365) had a bonus last year of 425,000,000 dollars last year.
  12. Every cloud has a silver lining watching on laptop alleviates chadders excess wind blowing in your face. On a more serious note I do agree on your point eddie re fans losing their jobs or partial wages.
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