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  1. Good winger for us played over 100 games RIP Gerry. Must have been well into his 80s.
  2. That good you had to repeat it twice Roy.
  3. Do not think it will apply in this case as Dayle wanted to leave to get playing time so believed we waved a transfer fee to allow him to leave for nothing.
  4. We need proper football clubs like ours to survive and let the Fylde & FGR types disappear.
  5. How can he when we are in different leagues
  6. Hoping he was going to be our Damian Reeves, but not to be.
  7. IMHO we should be showing intent Ducky, Staunton, Cam & Rodney.
  8. Just thinking of crowds if we miss out on promotion.
  9. No donĀ“t want to spend money if injury or suspension get a loan in, we need MF.
  10. Need attacking MF player. A more consistent Danny Gardner.
  11. I would think so Chester had a couple of poor results
  12. Probably but would prefer York & Chester.
  13. Better move for us than him..... Go get a MF player now.
  14. Flea quoted if he plays a certain number of games extra 1 year I then asked certain people and got the same answer.
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