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  1. The only manager I have ever called for to be sacked.
  2. Sent Janis !!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Bit of poetic license there. I think JF will concentrate on coaching.
  4. Different kettle of fish when in the league, bring young players on and we get a much higher price but the standard is not that much higher, Look at Luton. We are currently in the worst division in the football pyramid expensive with little reward.
  5. Then they should go up Saville park we want a successful team.
  6. Thought you new dj. none now sold when ill then worked with animals to get myself better.
  7. I don´t think it will be vinny, we have to push all the way to keep interest and attendance figure up to make the ST sales prove a success.
  8. I doubt it they and he will feel they have something to prove, but feel sure we will wind him up.
  9. I think he will bed them in but still looking for that extra one.
  10. Horrendous signing extending contract lunacy, fans never forgave JF for it. Keep the faith monk we will make playoffs, there should still be money for one more signing.
  11. No. 7 days aweek, 365 days a year, it´s called retirement. Animals, large garden and a wife to contend with. These politicians don´t know they are born.
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