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  1. I´m assured he did chris obviously a case of ego over brain.
  2. Only in fun Chris, whereas I think he is pompous enough to do that I would have thought he is not stupid engough.
  3. He broke every rule in his job description when he claimed to be a remainer chris.
  4. Bercow actually overstepped his authority purely by admitting he was a remainer, that goes strictly against the rules of the speaker of the house. “What conceivable moral force do the people’s elected representatives have in seeking to […] disregard a law enacted by Parliament?” (John Bercow, paraphrased) I hate to break it to the Rt. Hon. Speaker of the House, Mr. John Bercow, but the moral force that he seems in question of is that ‘The Will of The People’ trumps ‘The Will of the House of Commons’ by a significant margin.
  5. Well good on ya Chichester. That brings back memories.
  6. Regardless of what belief you have Con, Lab, Lib Dem whatever, this man is a disgrace to the job he is supposed to keep Law & Order with total impartiality, What a joke.
  7. As the vote on this was pulled on Sat. That self centered, conceited jumped up prat Bercow stated the vote would be “repetitive and disorderly”.
  8. I´m NOT a fool and tbh could not careless about the husband but she did not declare her family interest which makes her look bad whether she is or not. You fail to mention the donation from Siemens Int. 3,000,000 after Siemens had to pay the biggest fine in history of 1.6 billion for corruptibly bribing government officials.
  9. It´s like the manager of the month award syndrome.
  10. Suppose that depends on your age Steve, I am also looking forward to the historic tit bits.
  11. I´ve seen it but still believe interest should have been declared, that was not so transparent.
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