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  1. Norman Smurthwaite ex Port Vale owners says it´s too late now to save Bury as the current owner demanding 1 million to walk away.
  2. Owner has asked the public to pledge 2.7 million by tonight to save the club, as the saying goes he has more front than woolworths.
  3. Can´t force follow on need a diff of 200, I think.
  4. Wilder at- Alfreton, Halifax, Bury (assistant manager), Oxford United, Northampton and the Sheffield United.
  5. FCHT 3-0 Fylde Earing-Tobi-JOSH MACDONALD 1946
  6. Communication fantastic, last season Maher would have punched PW and been sent to coventry.
  7. Business men who failed to get Notts County going after Bury.
  8. you little sentimental old codger.
  9. We had some really good players in those days but still never did anything.
  10. Have to say the Tait who cost nothing was far better than the Tate who cost a fortune.
  11. Two great players in one sentence George played 56 -scored 22 Frank P133 - G50 wish we had them now.
  12. Unfortunately coming through loud and clear, crap video.
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