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  1. Further statement.... The National League said it was looking at "how best to conclude" the season. But it is not yet known if the competition, which is made up of the National League, National League North and National League South, will also be cancelled with all results expunged. "The National League is currently obtaining specialist legal advice, is consulting regularly with the Football Association and other stakeholders, and is committed to involving its member clubs in a pending decision on how best to conclude the 2019-20 season," a statement said. More than 100 clubs have sent an open letter to the FA, calling for it to "urgently" reconsider the decision to expunge seasons from the men's seventh tier and the women's third tier downwards. The decision is yet to be ratified by the FA Council. Barrow are four points clear at the top of the National League, with fifth-tier clubs having between seven and 10 league fixtures remaining to complete the season.
  2. The three divisions of England's National League have been suspended indefinitely because of coronavirus. The competition had been originally postponed until 3 April but that has now been extended following a board meeting on Tuesday. It comes after all non-league football in steps three to seven was ended immediately on Thursday with no promotion or relegation. The National League said it was looking at "how best to conclude" the season. More to follow.
  3. National league suspended indefinitely.
  4. Not just as it looks Chris, change the way in calculating so not just in a day.
  5. For all the fans who don´t think our fan base would grow with promotion tale a look how Barrow of gone this season Population 69k early season crowds,
  6. What the hell are Green and Blacks.
  7. You can have my ration of choc. trev.
  8. And what may I ask is sensational about what I have written, nothing is disingenuous at all. Many fans will struggle and some will give although they are in a position that they should not.
  9. So what´s new Brian some managers think they can do the job but can´t, we´ve had more that our fair share at the Shay.
  10. YThat´s where I lived when born. There used to be cottages in the yard.
  11. Who the hell said that? we haven´t got any scouts.
  12. Not criticising Kit just erring on the side of caution for the fans, a lot are going to struggle.
  13. Would not have any president or PM´s job for all the tea in China.
  14. Whereas I can understand the fund raising request our fans need to make sure that they can fund themselves first through the crisis.
  15. Need to get back into the L2. Missed our chance badly this season.
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