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  1. Soon as Grimsby failed in the play offs- Boden was there choice.
  2. That's why he was at the Shay Saturday with two unknown footballers!
  3. Won't sign for us- end off! Too early in there careers to go part time and train two nights a week! We need to be searching the Evo glue pot and conference north leagues!
  4. No full time players from Wrexham would come to us as we are part time. We would be anywhere near the wage stucture.
  5. They should do - they are tinpot non league!!
  6. Heard the same too. I hear Mills recommended him! LOL. That is football for you. Mills leaves at tells the Heed board Aspin is your man??
  7. well said BUT we have closed for summer already - end off.
  8. I agree we should be getting 1200-1300 tonight anything less is crap and shows we will never go back to being a fulltime club. Not enough money coming in - the BOD know there is not enough support to go full time so does Aspin..... Tonight will be like a pre season friendly - Eastleigh will be up for it but not FCHT reserves - same has Barnet away - Aspin even says on the official forum - there will be NO atmosphere this evening and I am making loads of changes due to Saturdays performance!!!! Torquay will be lower than 1000 too....never known that on a Saturday for many years.....
  9. Only 1/2 of the East Stand is open this evening. This will be to cater for the Eastleigh Massive and the few hundered Shaymen.....Tonight`s attendance will be a low time low for FCHT - Very Very tinpot.
  10. John- the players are just not good enough, the last few months have proved it. They battled tonight but that is not enough for the play offs. Please don't let Eastleigh get in the top 5!
  11. Can we loan John Shaw to us for tonight?
  12. What about Whitby, plenty of Shaymen there, could watch them train too.
  13. Any planned inspection? I take it Barnet will travel up today?
  14. Sun shinning now, lets hope the same tomorrow morning - no pitch inspection hopefully needed..... game on and a ground over 2000!!! plenty of Gas travelling up too.
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