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  1. I hope the conference north and south aren't hung out to dry. It would be ludicrous for all the other non-league divisions to go ahead except them.
  2. I paid by debit card and may be able to claim a refund under chargeback but that depends on the club agreeing to it. Obviously I don't want to do that and I think the government may come up with some support albeit I suspect it will be a loan rather than a grant. You would think something will have to be in place before 3/10/20 to enable the season to start.
  3. Pricing will be tricky. In theory there is no reason to charge less than the turnstile price but then you have the problem with concessions. If you charge less then the full price then season ticket holders should be entitled to a refund albeit not all would take it. I would probably only pay the full price for away matches if it was a significant game. I have never liked the thought of my money going to fund another club! I guess every club should be allowed to charge whatever they want as all clubs have different costs etc. Surely clubs can't charge different prices for h
  4. Not all 12 to 17 year old's who go will have parents who go or are even interested. Mine weren't! The turnstile price for them is £9.
  5. If the price for watching a streamed home game is £20 then fair enough I wouldn't expect a refund from the club against the cost of my season ticket. For some reason it seems expensive but there is no logical reason why it should be less. Not sure how you would deal with child concessions so they wouldn't have to pay full price. I agree it is unlikely away games would be included for free. I would hope the club will offer refunds to anyone who doesn't want to watch streamed games as it wouldn't be to everyone's taste.
  6. As a season ticket holder I would expect to have the away games free or a refund to cover the price difference if it only covers home games plus a discount for paying up front. I'm sure the club will do the right thing regarding season ticket holders who have taken the risk based on the information available at the time.
  7. Presumably a live stream of our matches could be shown in a pub if they were stuck for something to put on?
  8. I'm glad he has gone. Poor distribution, slow and responsible for us defending too deep. Now down to PW to prove me right which is a bit worrying!
  9. He's had a hamstring injury before. It's an injury which always seems to recur. Not good news but bound to happen at some point and will again.
  10. Apparently mid 500s season tickets sold. The more bubbles people form the more can be fitted into the seating.
  11. I don't think social distancing will work at football grounds in standing areas. I went to Silsden on Saturday and everyone was just stood around as normal chatting to each other. There was an attempt in the seating area to keep people apart. Maybe at the Shay there will be stewards to enforce the rules in the standing areas but it will be an impossible job leading to numerous arguments.
  12. If they decide no crowds are allowed in but they will live stream it free to season ticket holders then would S/T holders be entitled to a refund? Not everyone has the technology or want to watch it online. It seems to me this possibility should have been clarified before we bought our tickets rather than just make it up as we go along like the government. I certainly think the club should give the option of a refund just like the end of last season. Ironically more people could easily end up watching it online than would have attended live. Is the technology to set up pay per v
  13. Is it just our players who don't follow what they should be doing or do other countries have the same problems? Wouldn't surprise me if it is just our lot of spoilt overpaid brats.
  14. I remember the late 60's and early 70's when you bought a programme for a few pennies and saved them. Once they went all glossy then they became too expensive and I stopped buying them. I just put 50p in the bucket for a team sheet now. (Probably being overly generous!) Either go back to a basic 'retro' version at a cheap price or bin it and go digital.
  15. Is there an option in the on-line shop to apply for a season ticket refund?
  16. Didn't think PW looked very happy in his interview. Sounds like more of the same at Guiseley which at this stage of the season is fair enough. We would then expect to see the starting eleven coming together and developing. We do look short of physicality which you need in our league which I thought we were short of last season as well. I don't think you can read too much into results at the moment when the first team were probably effectively divided into two in last night's match.
  17. I bit the bullet and my mate bought one as well so that's two! Last figure 224 up to 22/8/20. My guess 600?
  18. Obviously I haven't read through all of this but paragraph SG02 2.1 on page 15/91 suggests a distance of one metre. Are CMBC using 2 meters? Maybe this will be adjusted once our local lockdown ends? Sorry the file is too big to attach on here! Search SG02 Planning for Social Distancing at Sports Grounds and you will find it if you fancy some light reading before bedtime!
  19. Anyone know how the 'bubble' will work so you can be allocated seats with your mates where you are from different households and pay separately?
  20. Not much choice but to buy one. How can it be financially viable? Just waiting for the begging bowl to come out now or will Mr B subsidise it?
  21. Most teams at our level have at the most one or two stand out players. Stop them and you are halfway there. It worked against us! Sometimes you can over analyse and over complicate things.
  22. Barring a last minute catastrophe of some sort I fear you are right!
  23. I wonder how many season tickets have now been sold? The last figure I can see is 224 up to 22/8/20. Decision to make on Monday!
  24. Interesting information from Flea I was hoping for more information from the club before making a decision on buying a season ticket so a bit disappointed nothing is forthcoming and we are having to rely on hearsay. It can't possibly be financially viable at the attendance level as suggested by Flea which is also a major concern going forward. Also concerned that places are being taken up by non-paying children which doesn't help. (Yes I do know they are the future of the club but maybe a temporary suspension to free entry until capacity increased?)
  25. Never played at Spring Hall myself but seem to remember Halifax Teachers team play there. It's a shame what is happening at Spring Hall with the council building a school on the old tennis courts and the loss of the cricket and hockey and the mansion now snaffled by CMBC for their own use. Unfortunately CMBC have managed to have the original deed of covenant changed so the Estate is no longer protected from development as it once was.
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