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  1. Boris still looks ill to me. He just looks worn out. I think he should stand down for someone else until he has fully recovered but god knows who. Perhaps it's as well if Dominic remains in place.
  2. How dare you! All a storm in a teacup. Did Cummings put anyone at risk? No. Just a media frenzy. About time restrictions were introduced to stop this sort of nonsense. Time we got back to normal. Protect the old and vulnerable while all the lazy people who are enjoying a paid holiday go back to work. Who dreamed up 2 meters social distancing? Most people are just paying lip service to it. Go in Tesco Express at Free School Lane. Made to queue outside then it's a free for all inside jostling with other customers and staff stacking shelves. Absolute nonsense.
  3. And so it goes on. Maybe a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52797029
  4. Based on what happened last season I doubt that McAlinden is the sort of player who would 'buy in' to Wild's plans for next season. He wants committed players with the right attitude. He was signed as a stop gap because we were short of players and he was looking to put himself in the shop window. It's a no from me.
  5. Do we actually get to take part in the training? Not sure my knee can take a Staunton tackle!
  6. I wonder how important it is to have two proper goalkeepers in training sessions both for the team as a whole and in training the first choice goalkeeper and providing him with at least some competition for his place.
  7. I would have liked to have seen us play Barrow at home to be able to pass some sort of judgement on how good they really are.
  8. If it was £250 before the end of May I would go for it. Strange there is no early bird offer so they mustn't be bothered about getting cash in now so current finances must be good! Might as well wait now and see what happens until the last minute before the season starts whenever that may be. More information from the BOD on the current state of finances would have helped in the decision making process - there has to be some give from the club when expecting people to give up their hard earned money in these uncertain times. Those furloughed don't even know for certain there will be a job to go back to! I would hope for some fuller communication from the club in the next few days.
  9. Hopefully the dropping of some 'subjects' will improve our individual and overall 'pass' success percentage leading to improved final results for the 'school' as a whole and a rise up the 'school' performance table into a whole new league! However I think it unlikely that Matty Brown's 'pass' success rate will improve without a visit to remedial school!
  10. Promising start, lost concentration at times due to outside factors and poor decision making and missed end of term examination due to illness. Next term having dropped some of his poorer 'subjects' should show improvement in overall results but could fall short at the end of term and face expulsion!
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