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  1. Over - hyped. Trying to run before they can walk. No strength in depth. I enjoy watching some women's sport but not football.
  2. TV coverage a bit OTT. Goodness knows what it will be like when the Queen dies although we'll have a day's holiday.
  3. Stumped - a bit like Yorkshire. My cricket fan mate tells me we have never lost at home to Glamorgan. First time for everything although there is a glimmer of hope.
  4. Now reaching 100 is becoming more common maybe they should increase it to say 111?
  5. My mother was always a big Royalty fan. Strangely my parents were the same age as Philip and the Queen. I suppose in their younger days they were the celebrities of their time that everybody followed what they were doing. Not a big fan myself but RIP. I always think the Queen will outlast me but maybe not. Makes you wonder how she will cope at her time of life.
  6. Perhaps it requires a man with a knowledge of IT?
  7. I imagine quite a few clubs put players on furlough when injured then take them off when fit again. Have we been missing a trick, whether morally right or not, although we wouldn't necessarily know if a player has been furloughed or not as there is no reason why the club should tell us? Cameron King appeared to have been on furlough whilst injured along with some of their other players, some injured, some fit.
  8. It is all a bit 'Fred Karno' and amateurish but at the end of the day I would rather have money spent on players than fancy media stuff, frustrating though it is at times. The worst was actually on Monday when the camera was unable to scan to the left. God help us if a goal had been missed. Perhaps we need a Poll. We seem to have one for most things!
  9. Do you know what people actually do when given community service? You would think they would at least do something useful like litter picking but I don't think I have ever seen anybody doing anything although their human rights would no doubt be breached if they had to wear a jacket saying community service on it.
  10. At the time you just thought that it would always be like this. I'm sure many of us were hooked in the late 60's and early 70's and are still wriggling to free ourselves!
  11. For a quiet life just avoid any discussion which involves an 'ism'. It never ends well.
  12. Jumped before losing vote of confidence?
  13. I think it's more to do with trying to watch the game from, it seems, the top of Shaw Lodge flats.
  14. I'll bet Pete Wild is not totally happy with today's performance so why should we all be?
  15. You would hope they might improve but perhaps that is asking too much in which event we are stuck where we are.
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