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  1. Thank you Michael Winner or is it David Cameron! Just giving the local facts. It has to be said it is quite depressing. Let's hope they don't close the pubs again. That would tip me over the edge!
  2. I'm really beginning to wonder when we are going to return to some sort of normality in Halifax. New cases in Pellon East in the last recorded week have now jumped to 34 from 20 and 21 in the previous weeks. The more testing is done the more they are going to find. If we were in New Zealand we would be completely locked down! Nationwide new cases are also increasing. Not a cat in hell's chance of football at the Shay in the near future unless the Government 'move the goalposts'!
  3. I think we may be running out of ideas. Is he on this list? https://www.theguardian.com/observer/osm/story/0,6903,543912,00.html Steve Daley is top of it! Note - the list is from 2001 so maybe obsolete by the time your player featured.
  4. Thought Jeffers myself. David Bentley? If it helps Bobby Charlton scored 49 goals for England. Wayne Rooney should never have been allowed to beat it!
  5. At the present moment you wouldn't think the council would allow matches to be played at the Shay. This is likely to continue until the new positive covid cases fall away and the new measures are removed. Let's hope the local track and trace does the job to reduce the cases in East Pellon and no extra cases spring up in other areas.
  6. We must be one of the better off clubs in the league in terms of the number of fans who can be in the stadium socially distanced. Surely they will all have to be seated. If nothing has improved between now and the start of the season it is difficult to see how football outside the Premier League can be viable. I wouldn't like to be in DB's shoes st the moment as he will have to dig deep for the club to continue and / or the fans will have to do the fundraising. There are a mass of job losses coming up especially in hospitality and retail with the knock on effect from those. At the moment we have been shielded from the economic effect of the virus but we still don't have it under control so we will be hit by a tsunami when the government pulls the plug on state assistance. I will probably buy a season ticket when we know we can watch the games but do fundraising initiatives as well where at least HMRC won't have their VAT cut!
  7. Apparently Heath was 'looking at him a few seasons ago'. Makes you wonder if that was when Heath was at Halifax. He's scored a few goals. Perhaps Heath has beaten Wild to his signature!
  8. If we hadn't had such a good team then I would never have been hooked for life!
  9. PW resigned due to budget constraints!
  10. Bill Atkins! Was he our record signing second time around? Agree with Freddie Hill.
  11. Having worn my FCHT mask in shops over the last few days I certainly wouldn't like to wear it all the time. Claustrophobic and too hot because your breath can't escape. According to our local director of public health the areas of concern are the Park and Warley council wards. Looking at the statistics on the web site Park had 20 cases last week which meant it was just in the 20 to 29 category. Adjacent areas which have had cases are under 10. It could literally be just a few households where there have been positive tests. I thought the point of track and trace was to pinpoint the contacts of those who have it and to test them to limit the spread. If this is actually happening then should all Calderdale have to follow new restrictions when the problem would appear to be in one particular area? I think it is important that responses to outbreaks of the virus are properly targeted otherwise the economy will never recover.
  12. I seem to remember PW saying in one of his interviews that he would be looking to bring loan players in having seen the quality they bring to other teams in our division. A couple of decent loan players does make all the difference when the vast majority of players in our division are no more than bog standard players eking out a living.
  13. I'm not convinced anybody ever recovers fully from an ACL injury. A bit of a one dimensional player and injury prone. PW doesn't seem to use conventional wingers so doesn't fit into his master plan. Here's hoping PW is able to sign some fast, fit players who can play a bit of football for a change.
  14. Probably from the clue an England manager but without googling no idea.
  15. Will fans only be allowed in seated areas where they can be allocated a place?
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