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  1. I have to agree with every word of the above comments by Flea. Unfortunately proper journalism is dead at local level probably for economic reasons. From my personal experience they certainly don't like to run a story which might cause a local controversy.
  2. Debateable. Like him as an impact player but he can't lead the line.
  3. I assume Wild went for quality rather than quantity when he signed Stenson & Hyde and spent the budget on 2 players rather than 3 with the loan market as a fallback. Unluckily both injured rather than just one which we could have got away with. Basically our season is over if we don't have two decent strikers for this level in the team.
  4. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/chorley-fc-lete28099s-cover-the-pitch Second hand covers an option?
  5. Played the best through ball I have seen this season, unfortunately to the wrong team. Sad to say seemed way off the pace in general play.
  6. Should have played this afternoon. Numpties!
  7. I'm surprised he hasn't put in a transfer request so he can go and play at a bigger club such as Hatlepool,
  8. At least I now know what an umbongo is. Never heard of it before. Might nip into Tesco and buy one!
  9. That must mean it wasn't a shock then!
  10. Apparently Leeds are demanding an immediate replay on the grounds that one of Crawley's midfielders wasn't corgi registered.
  11. Had I known beforehand the effect of the fog on the stream I don't think I would have bothered. It was noticeable that the stream didn't start before the game started by which time most people would have paid their money. Did we know the weather conditions before kick off? I only purchased it at 2.45. I think I will make sure the stream has started and there are no issues from now on.
  12. Bizarrely if K/L win their three games in hand they would go above us!
  13. Next four league games are interesting. Three home games against teams higher then us on ppg and one away game against a team below us on ppg. I'd say we should be looking for a minimum 8 points if we are serious about making a play-off challenge. We need to start winning games like today and also start beating the top seven teams which we always seem to struggle to do.
  14. 12th on points per game. Looks like it will be tight for play-off places if we reach that point.
  15. At the moment Johnson is keeping us in the game. Any points today will be down to him.
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