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  1. Does the above list mean that John Pickering doesn't hold the club record for appearances which I always believed to be the case?
  2. I imagine quite a few businesses and other organisations in the real world would have been happy with this level of assistance so it would be churlish to complain about it. I'm not totally convinced the Government should be giving this level of assistance given the amount of money just swilling about in the game. Still, at least we wont need to raise any funds ourselves!
  3. It always makes me laugh when people say DB has been prudent and the club has been well run. I am guessing all the Vardy money etc. has now been spent instead of being kept for a rainy day such as now. If you buy a football club I am afraid digging into your own pocket comes with it and in fairness no doubt DB has done so in terms of his business sponsorship etc. DB said he would leave us with no debts but I don't think he will leave us with much cash either!
  4. In fairness to them I emailed cardslive@wokingfc.co.uk and have received a notification from noreply@inplayer.com notifying me of my refund. Feeling a bit guilty now but not enough to give Woking the money!
  5. We don't want to be forced back into watching football in the grounds just as winter is starting to set in!
  6. Do we also need an idiot's guide on how to type?
  7. Not overly impressed with the commentary. I don't know who his sidekick was but all he did was to state the 'bleeding' obvious. Just hope our much heralded strikers live up to expectations. Overall an improvement on last season in terms of comparative results, quality of play and entertainment.
  8. I thought we would win two out of our first six games. I think given current form this is our best chance of another win. Woking away and Notts County at home will be difficult to win.
  9. Reminds me of when I visited the War Memorial at Thiepval where a wreath had been left by a graveside ''from the son, grandson and great grandson you never met''. Both a moving and thought provoking tribute.
  10. We need a target. I would also expect to see a cash contribution from DB as the sole shareholder which isn't a loan. He can't have it both ways.
  11. Given the government grant is based on loss of revenue from fans not being allowed in I would think there would be a reduction if some fans are allowed in.
  12. Not a great fan of Allen in the starting eleven. He flatters to deceive. Too often there is no end product in that he goes down a blind alley, fails to put a decent ball into the box or produces a weak finish. Best as an impact player against a tiring defence or when we have a lead and the opposition are chasing the game.
  13. Does that mean that if we play just one home game with a crowd then we don't receive the £100 refund?
  14. Economically I don't think there will be a second lockdown. We are going to have to accept a certain level of mortality from the virus. Maybe someone will go under even with the support from Government but maybe they would have anyway. Just hope we protect the elderly and vulnerable better than we did at the start of it and we will be fine. Fully completed but maybe the odd team going to the wall.
  15. I think we all want to watch live football. Flea is interesting in that he has followed Halifax Town the length and breadth of the country so he is at one end of the spectrum. I would always prefer to watch live football but am more phlegmatic about it than Flea who is more dedicated than I am in terms of physically following the team. I will be quite happy to have a refund of my season ticket and buy a season ticket pass to watch home games streamed at a discounted price to the £9.99 per game. At the end of the day it is just a question of being pragmatic about it. Having said that
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