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  1. Confirmation that the club is for sale? : 'that the club would be better placed to achieve league status under new ownership' and that DB wants out::'and our length of tenure'.
  2. It's only like playing Brighouse Town!! What can possibly go wrong?
  3. Long 'standing' supporters who do not like being forced to sit down. Traditionally many supporters like to stand in the same place every game and do not take kindly to being moved. I used to stand and the same people would be in the same place every game. Since sitting down many people in the East stand like to sit in the same seat every game. I have been asked to move on occasion which I don't mind. It has always been this way.
  4. I know some people who won't come to a game when the South Stand isn't open. I'm not convinced it is a big money saver and certainly affects the atmosphere. I wonder what research the club have done into this.
  5. Personally I would have started with Redshaw if fully fit after his injury in the last game. Easy for a player to look good coming on later in a game when it has opened up. Should start with our best 11 available which includes Redshaw.
  6. Seems to have a mistake in him which leads to a goal scoring opportunity for the opposition every game now. Also his distribution is poor which always has been a weakness. He needs a midfielder to come short so he has a simple pass to make rather than long hoofs up front which gifts possession to the opposition. Lack of pace in the new style three men at the back is also a concern (not just Brown) which means we end up defending too deep which does seem to be a problem whatever formation we play.
  7. Probably too late now but I haven't seen any hustings advertised for the Halifax constituency. They have been held in the Calder Valley. Previously Halifax Minster has held them but presumably not this time because it's Christmas. Went to one a few years ago and it was quite revealing as to how poor all the candidates were. I don't think many people of real quality and aptitude are likely to be attracted to politics so we end up with the dross that we have. I am afraid it boils down to voting for the least worst option rather than for a party that could actually make a significant impact for the good on the future of this country.
  8. With the present style of play we need more movement off the ball and players making themselves more available to receive a pass from the player in possession and not hiding. Also more pressure on the opposition when they are in possession by moving further up the pitch.
  9. I think PW mentioned at the supporters meeting a couple of players had signed simply on the basis it would put them in the shop window for them to sign for a League club. I don't think loyalty will come into it if a league club comes for them. They could even have a release clause? At least while they are with us they will be giving 100% to achieve their ambition and not just treading water. Apparently this is the type of player PW likes to sign.
  10. Mbi got away with it for long enough. There seem to be double standards for 'businesses' and council tax payers which to me is unacceptable.
  11. Quite so. I should have said a Plan B that actually works!
  12. What worries me is that PW seems to have a way of playing which he likes the players to stick to which is all well and good that the players know what they should be doing but do we have a Plan B? Teams now know to man mark Cameron King who is only going to fast 60 minutes and double up on Allen to negate him. Meanwhile we seem to let the best players of other teams have the freedom of the park wreaking havoc with no measures to counteract them.
  13. No one asked. Apparently they like the look of Southwell in training so maybe hoping he will come good.
  14. At least we can thank JF for this season's cheap season tickets. A lot of people simply wouldn't have bought a season ticket this season after the 'dross' of last season.
  15. The only worry about Cameron King is his inability to last 90 minutes. I don't think any other team will be looking to sign him whilst that is the case.
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