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  1. Ahhh the barrow 30. As they will always be rememberd!
  2. Dave cahallinors interview is a must watch! Says all are Goals were crap and never ONCE gives us credit. They were poor. But my god we MADE them look poor. NOB!
  3. After the worst pre-season in history I think we're all just happy to have a manager and a positive way forward.
  4. I do also think 90% of fans would be happy with the appointment so would bring unity between fans( maybe even between me and you:-)) At least for a few weeks at least.
  5. I think we have enough cover in his position with maher and Staunton. both would do a quality job in there.
  6. Clarke must be involved one way or the other in my opinion as assistant or manger. I feel he could be a long term asset for this club. His attitude and loyalty is unquestionable. And I have a bad feeling Ronnie moores only reason to get back into management is to get past 1000 league games as a manager.
  7. 100% agree this is exactly how I feel.
  8. Could get his bro in as his assistant(decent player also). We could have the next cowley brothers on our hands.
  9. It's a yes from me. Staunton or maher could slot into his role
  10. Shaymen0


    Not going to lie I'm a bit of a troll but it's so easy to wind you up!
  11. Shaymen0


    Yeah it's easy to judge when you don't go to games and believe what people say on here.
  12. Shaymen0


    You seem to be miss understanding the word FAN. With SUPPORTER!
  13. Shaymen0


    Better rose tinted specs. Than the flip flops you have. I like the manager, I hate the manager, I like the manager. Rodney's crap, no he's good.
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