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  1. Because we like to play with a holding midfielder. Woods and summerfield have been injured or for one has had long Covid which has forced wild to put maher in that role where he plays well. seems like the only option to put Clarke into centre half to replace Maher and with the three centre backs we play.
  2. https://int.soccerway.com/referees/paul-marsden/140930/
  3. Don’t get this so called hatred for a ref off just one game. I mean he’s been a match official for us 7 times. 5-0 W Tamworth fa trophy 2015 2-2 D altrincham fc league 2016 0-3 W fc united 2017 league playoff semi final win v Salford 2017 0-2 L Maidstone 2017 league 1-0 W Macclesfield FC 2018 fa trophy 1-0 L Wealdstone league i mean he refed the playoff semi final which we won so can’t hate us that much
  4. The substitute for earring was being prepared before we scored. So earring was coming off at 1-0 or 2-0 anyway. Suspect wild thought earring is coming back from a injury so give him 60 mins and bring Hyde on to give him minutes. Sutton were always going to push men forward at 2-0 and put us on the back foot
  5. Yeah the looked just like Brazil. If Brazil were a hoofball team. We did hoofball but may god so did they.
  6. Balls. They have been as hoofball as we have been. They have had one clear chance at goal and scored! Every time anyone has gone near them they have fallen over. don’t give them credit for a game that looks like two teams that have played Saturday Tuesday for the past month! Not forgetting Eastleigh is a bloody nightmare to get to for fans never mind players who I guess are knackered after the football they have played over the past few weeks.
  7. I went with this team but the others were having none of it. Johnson Sho-silv Clarke Clarke Sho-silva Sho-silva Sho-silva Sho-silva Sho-silva Sho-silva Sho-silva they said tj head would blow off. I REALLY pushed for it
  8. I’m confused. did we only play well on Tuesday in the first half because notts were “abysmal”.
  9. Name a manager that has not wasted the clubs money in some way or another
  10. You have to start somewhere. How much managerial experience did wild have before he came to us a couple of games for Oldham!
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