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  1. Scored a goal today had a cracking game!
  2. I know you credited him but YOU want him NOWHERE NEAR the team!
  3. You know I'm right though. You can't bear that he has scored and it hurts you inside. You can say it doesn't but it REALLY does!
  4. You also said before the game that if tss was playing we weren't going to win?
  5. I liked Morgan aswell as a one in ten!
  6. Yeah maybe I do because he seems to give a s**t about the shirt and scores with it. Yet you seem to want people up top like macalinden who hot footed/packed in as soon as he saw the lure of football league.
  7. Id hold them comments until the two are prolific together. Thinks can always come and bite you in the ass as in Tobi scoring today!
  8. He wears the shirt and wants to do well for the team. I wouldn't blame him if he didn't. These type of comments are the reason we will always be a non league side
  9. No we wouldn't. iv already done the maths for you.
  10. Do you remember 90% of all players stroke goalscorers that have ever played for fc Halifax town or Halifax town. No is the answer btw
  11. Contributing what? he has literally done nothing for this club bar score a few goals that mean nothing!
  12. What's that got to do with the price of fish? As contributing to Fc Halifax town! Denton had done way more than Rodney!
  13. Rodney and Duku signed late February 2019 we had enough points to stay up first week in march(40points 36 games in) didn't help that much did they!
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