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  1. It’s been happening since humans put foot on the earth. Racists,bullying, religious differences. The only thing you can do is be nice to people. But like someone said earlier. There will ALWAYS be *****!
  2. Nobody’s born a bully but there will always be bullying
  3. So he had a statue erected for him to celebrate his slave trading?
  4. Well you keep questioning the players commitment. Where’s yours? Commitment counts a lot if your commentating on the aspects of the game does it not?
  5. Staunton is WAY better than him. Don’t get me wrong cooper can tackle but his passing is dog ****! Nolan wouldn’t be near the team if king was fit
  6. Balls! Clarke has been the best centre half we have had over the past two years brown has been **** lately and “conspiracy theory” brown bottled it today he’s the captain. You can tell Clarke does not trust our midfielders he gets the ball of Johnson and goes long because he doesn’t trust our midfield (cooper) to make a forward pass. Clarke is not the problem cooper is.
  7. As soon as people get in a car you could die! on average 5 people die in a car accident per day but nobody stops people driving cars.
  8. Shaymen0


    Show me the possession stats and I’ll agree but I bet we had more.
  9. Shaymen0


    They didn’t play football. They did a job on us. We didn’t play football. They had two shots on goal we had none and they won. Nobody played football. It was a terrible game and they won.
  10. Shaymen0


    Oh yeah your the best Halifax fan by far!
  11. Shaymen0


    You know best!
  12. Shaymen0


    Woking did not play football at all they played anti football diving and cheating they had two shots on goal and scored them both. I’m not defending us because we were ****. But you wanted this team bar Cameron king. But you know best
  13. Shaymen0


    We did bar one player. King. But the pitch is not really suitable for free flowing footballl is it? But you know best.
  14. Shaymen0


    Funny. We have had a few “must win games” so some people say(Torquay,Notts county and stockport)and yet we’re still third
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