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  1. Oh right, I get you. Sometimes footballs not as simple as play more strikers score more goals.
  2. Mcalinden played as a 10 didnt he then moved to right when J King went off.
  3. We played some good stuff but all in areas that are ineffective and lacked any penetration. Certainly not on a par with the JF era as you suggest but opinions differ I suppose. A general assessment for the whole game would be I don’t think we played bad overall but we didn’t do anywhere near enough to win the game as Wild suggests. A 0-0 draw would have been the most likely and say fair outcome on both teams but think Harrogate probably did just enough as the away team to nick the win.
  4. I don’t think it’s depressing. I think it needs balance. I don’t actually think we played bad today but there was no penetration of the Harrogate defence at all, long distance shots were all we had. Played some good stuff in midfield but some of our passing was very poor especially in the 1st half with some short passes. However, we are 2nd in the league which indicates the lack of strength within it and maybe we can push for play offs. I’ve only been impressed with Yeovil so far who were head and shoulders above us.
  5. Wild has come out and said we were by far the better team and there was only one team going to win it. Is he for real, we were restricted to long range efforts, fair play to Harrogate they did a job on us tonight and got the goal they needed. We looked like we weren’t really going all out for the win and it just seemed a bit flat to me.
  6. Woke up this morning feeling fine, ive got Halifax town on my mind, pete wilds playing the way that the Shaymen should, oh yeaaaaaah, something tells me I’m in to something good!!!! **until game gets called off for a waterlogged pitch**
  7. You watch a lot of football mate
  8. Exactly this. Seem to have everything and how to manage a game to a T. Have to disagree with @Flea though, I thought we were awful from the start with only Ducky and Sam having good games. So many loose passes and miscontrols. Referee was shocking but with someone else in charge would have likely been the same result. How we react is crucial to where will end up this season. Hopefully a one game blip.
  9. Shergar4


    Cameron King is so good he could find space in a single bed with Gemma Collins. Not that i would wish that up on him as it potentially could lead to a season ending injury....but still.....you get my point.
  10. And I'll tell you, honestly, I will love it if we ....sign Dan Gardner. Love it. (said in Kevin Keegan's Voice) I can see where the comments come from in relation to being lazy but would be one hell of a coup for us. I really would love to see him down the Shay again. Of the one game i did see of Oldham's this season he didnt seem as dynamic as he was for us previous in terms of being as advanced further up the field so not sure we would be getting anything like the player that left us but surely can still pull the strings in our midfield.
  11. It wont be long before......'Excellent Appointment by the board'......turns to 'outdated methods by an aging manager....sack him now'
  12. If it is Ronnie Moore, which most people on here seem to want and is deemed not a cheap option, can we all just get behind the board, manager and players and help th club move forward? If you haven't bought a season ticket and can afford one, buy one lets use the positivity that this appointment might generate.
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