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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52049672 People think businessmen plough money in to football clubs as a gesture of goodwill......it doesnt happen, its a loan as DB did and does to keep the club going on a day to day basis. Those loans become repayable at some point and when the club can't do that then thats where the problems start. I'm not saying Huddersfield can't pay the money owed to Hoyle as im sure they can with the parachute payments but lets say they get relegated this season and things get worse. Anyone who wants 'investors' here, read this because there will be others who are not Dean Hoyle who would let a club die for their money back. I'm not saying Hoyle is like this at all and i don't think he is but others will be.
  2. Hanson not good enough???? I’d disagree and say he is unfortunate that Duckworth was our POTY up until being injured. Obviously PW rates King as a better RWB (I don’t personally think so) so maybe he is moved on as he is out of favour with the current manager but he is good enough for this level as he’s shown us before.
  3. Can we afford to sack managers every time we have a bad run? The last few home games have been difficult to stomach And I have been critical of the manager and his lack of willingness to change the system or the players in many games this season. However we are in the playoffs currently, although I’m not sure how long that will last for.
  4. In all fairness most of the players would have signed with clubs already prior to PW joining us. As bad as it has been lately, we have had good spells also. On balance our league position is a good one. PW needs to reassess the squad in summer when he can get rid of who he wants and bring in his own players.
  5. Apart from shouting at the 4th official for 80 minutes
  6. Thing is tho how many times can he make the same mistakes. Woking, Halesowen n Today the most recent ones where our tactics were clearly not working yet we carry on regardless. On balance he has done exceptionally well up to press in terms of our league position and will be interesting to see with a full summer and his own recruitment how well he can do but I’m unsure.
  7. Never credits opposition either just says they sit back....which when you let them take a lead they have something to defend and most teams will do that. That’s not a disservice to an away team at all.
  8. He doesn’t do himself any favours with his comments. Makes himself look a bit naive and stupid in my opinion in many interviews.
  9. Oh my lord.....I don’t want to even read it it might tip me over the edge
  10. Just waiting for Wilds interview to say Ebbsfleet are one of the best sides he’s seen this season (there’s been 22 of them) and that we dominated the play!
  11. Where he was asked to play and where he actually played is not the same thing Erik
  12. I’m sure he was asked to play as a centre forward in a 3-5-2 formation. As mentioned previously him and redshaw were having to drop too deep due to the space between our 3 defensive midfielders and the front two
  13. Rodney was played as a centre forward today....were we watching the same game? Just a shame he chose not to play at all
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