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  1. Yes, pity we let him slip through our fingers. He's gone on to forge a great career since. Sligo, Curzon Ashton, Mossley, Widnes and Romford.
  2. Just watched the highlights, not even close to being onside.
  3. Hitler had a guy like him, he was called Lord Haw Haw. The truth of the matter is they have a team the town are not really interested in, in a stadium that would be a nightmare if they were to get into the league, being sustained by the managers father who keeps on throwing money at it. The cash he has wasted would have got any other manager the sack several times over if he was not daddy's little boy.
  4. Already played Rangers and lost. They probably only have the trophy and safety to play for now.
  5. From the highlights program it looked like either JBW or Tobi was marking him. As for Beck he hasn't faced Browny yet this season. I watched the game against Portsmouth and he spent a large part of the first half throwing himself on the floor and conning the ref. When the ref cottoned on to it and started telling him to get up he was ineffective. From the look of the blood on his face at the end I think he ended up being roughed up by the Pompey centre backs.
  6. I can remember them, the steps were quite steep if I remember rightly but I suppose everything looked big and steep when I was the age I was when they were open.
  7. That was Kettering in the cup replay not Kidderminster, Moss is suffering from dementia, it showed him on a program a while back.
  8. It looked to me like Woking were targeting Sam and knocking him about at set pieces, he was complaining to the ref a couple of times after being impeded. It seems to be a modern tactic to crowd the keeper at corners especially. It was evident Salford were using it in the playoff semi-final when one of their players grabbed hold of him at nearly every corner.
  9. If it is down to the ref admitting he was wrong then maybe it's a case of him not wanting to highlight the point he was wrong. Higher up the leagues there is far more nationwide coverage so the ref would be under far more scrutiny to admit a mistake.
  10. Morgan left Mossley to sign for Widnes but I don't think he actually played a game for them.
  11. The potting shed is the one that used to be Maggies under Ma Bakers.
  12. Don't know what happened there.
  13. It will be 3 games for Clarke not 1.
  14. It will be 3 games for Clarke not 1.
  15. It will be 3 games for Clarke not 1.
  16. It will be 3 games for Clarke not 1.
  17. It will be 3 games for Clarke not 1.
  18. It will be 3 games for Clarke not 1.
  19. It will be 3 games for Clarke not 1.
  20. It will be 3 games for Clarke not 1.
  21. Wasn't that after the game against Chester when he was involved in the mass brawl when their manager Kevin Radcliffe took a swing at him when he was being held. Rumour was it was Butler influencing Jim Brown to suspend him and I'm not sure if Hulme played for us again, he soon moved on to York.
  22. There should be rules about people like him. I would be very afraid if I was a Romford fan. He has caused havoc at Billericay, kept sacking managers and taking over as manager only to re employ the man he has sacked. and walked out leaving them with players contracts with big wages way above what the club will be able afford.
  23. I thought the wall that collapsed at the front of the Skircoat was the bank holiday game against Sheffield Utd when they were given the home end. Could have been Easter Monday, and didn't we lose 5-1 after taking the lead.
  24. One of the worst but for me Coko the Clown ( Darren Kelly wins hands down).
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