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  1. There is a Daniel Gardner on Salford City's retained list. Is this the same Danny Gardner who played for us. Wikepedia shows nothing after him being released from Odham but it is not always the most reliable source of information.
  2. Probably but will wait awhile to see what is happening.
  3. I think the young lad was a Fullarton signing so maybe we could have a more experienced number 2 next season but I would not want it to be a regular thing to start games without a keeper on the bench.
  4. townmad

    todays game

    Still can't find it. Has anyone got a link.
  5. townmad

    todays game

    Can't find full match on youtube.
  6. Been trying to watch todays game and I keep getting the can't find this page message, anyone else having this problem.
  7. Enjoy your holiday, see you at the first pre season at Brighouse.
  8. I have seen him more than once in the last couple of seasons.
  9. Went for quite a bit of cash but a lot of it went to the club we signed him from (I think it was Mansfield) who had a big sell on clause.
  10. He wasn't at the time when he played for us and wasn't prepared to bide his time.
  11. HE was competing against Gregory and Vardy, he was the one who wanted to go and initially went to Stocksbridge, would anyone have been happy for him to have been played ahead of Gregs or Jamie.
  12. I know it's a joke but on a serious note, could anyone see DB letting those two anywhere near our club.
  13. He was fine with paying big money wages to players while he was top dog for it in the conference but then along came Salford paying even more stupid money to players and when he couldn't compete he didn't like it.
  14. I got the impression our players were competing in the crossbar challenge not a penalty shootout.
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