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  1. Wasn't Vardy's last game for us in conference north, maybe Colwyn Bay at home?
  2. We could have 4 players who have featured for us playing for Alty on Saturday, Matty Kosylo, Nial Bell, James Hardy and Sean Williams. I didn't realise Williams was still at Alty I thought he had moved on a while ago.
  3. Me and my mate used to sit in the Skircoat just below the press box. On one occasion Bill came out and sat beside us, the glass was steaming up a bit and he was already struggling with his eyesight. We had to help him out with th eodd bit of identifying players but I'm sure he watched a different game to us. He really was a nice guy though and "Town" to the core..
  4. After the Green Final finished they sold the Pink (the Bradford one) in town on a Saturday night, I used to travel from West Vale toget one from the bottom of George's Square.
  5. It's a good job the manager picks the team and not the fans. Try looking at the players overall contributions in a game instead of looking for reasons to fit your agenda against Maher.
  6. He said we play Wrexham and Chesterfield twice. It's only Chesterfield we have to play twice.
  7. We have already played Wrexham away drew 0-0.
  8. BTM is not joking he has been calling for his sacking most of the season. It would be interesting who he thinks we should appoint in place of him.
  9. Had we gone for that option before the equaliser we may have won on Saturday.
  10. Earing was complaining of a tight hamstring and was going to be subbed before he scored. Better to take him off than maybe lose him for a lot of the last games, we have enough influential players struggling without losing Earing for a big lump of games.
  11. Wasn't there a rule that if a club says a player is injured when called up for their country they are not allowed to play for their club if they make a "miraculous" recovery.
  12. At one time lived by the Sportsman at Greenland with his ex page three girlfriend. Lost his licence and was a regular on the bus from West Vale after an afternoon going between the bookies and the pub. Later lived near the Wagon and Horses at Outlane .
  13. Huddersfield is part synthetic a believe.
  14. You mean of course when they moved from Thrum Hall and forgot to bring their share of money to complete the stand leaving it half built for years.
  15. Amazing how much better players are when you can spend millions recruiting them.😄
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