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  1. Always got one after a tea or coffee in Majorca, they now have silly little tiny buns now. I'd settle now for being able to go and eat one of the buns again this summer.
  2. I noticed nearly at the end of the clip a bearded Jordan Sinnott taking a throw in for Alti.
  3. I seem to remember that during one of the speedway meetings.
  4. Apart from Carlisle I seem to recall him going in goal another game that season and finished up with 2 clean sheets.
  5. They would probably go back to the brown envelopes in boots that have been used in a few sports over the years.
  6. It must have been a thing for teenagers who watched the Shay. My mates and I walked from West Vale and back. On a Saturday we called at a café on the top corner of Salterhebble hill for a pot of tea and a toasted currant teacake (it would have been cheaper to have got the bus). When we got a bit older we swapped the café for the 3 pigs.
  7. Second one was not Brown it was Josh Staunton.
  8. In the local supermarket today when a young lady on the next self service till to me needed help. The assistant came took the item of her and scanned it, The girl shouted I didn't want you to touch it (it was a sealed item). The assistant said go and get another one then. The girl left all the shopping and walked out. I said to the assistant who did she think put everything on the shelfs. The assistant good humouredly laughed and said it must have been the fairies. We all need to be extra careful and vigilant but that is taking paranoia way too far.
  9. The only Graham I recall being on the chase who was a town fan was on two or three years ago won about 25k.
  10. Where do you get the idea Wild thinks Cooper is a box to box player, he's a defensive mid who plays in front of the back three.
  11. townmad

    Why is it ?

    I think a lot of us were taken by surprise by the Bishop Auckland attendance. I arrived in what I thought was plenty of time but finished up in a long queue at those old turnstiles at the bottom end where the old scoreboard was. I think I missed nearly 30 mins but didn't miss a goal. I seem to recall Archie Taylor scoring with a header (it was a collectors piece to see him head the ball never mind him score with his head ) . it doesn't seem to differ down the ages you get the crowds for big games and they disappear once they are over.
  12. All designed to put pressure on the penalty taker, waste as much time as possible to cause him to have to wait .Rodney walked away with the ball to stay focused. Big Sam didn't have a save to make tonight, my man of the match was Williams, he had a great game.
  13. It's always good to get a goal so late on against a team who play like Sutton but it's annoying that the time added on then benefits the team that has been doing the time wasting. In the end they good what they deserved.
  14. townmad

    Foul and goal

    We should have had one when Maher was held back not long before and Maybe King was fouled in the first half.
  15. He could be found most Friday nights out in the pubs in Elland when he was playing for us.
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