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  1. I seem to remember watching him when I was first taken to the shay by my dad. He had had a cartilage operation (which was not as simple as it is now) and the town fans called him pegleg Priestley.
  2. Just watched it again and it goes through his legs and under him.
  3. If you watch the highlights he did hit the ball straight at the keeper who let it through his legs but don't let the truth get in the way of another dig at TSS.
  4. Only if you are TSS.
  5. It's not just one game though, coverage of a few away games has been poor and highlights especially have been later than the oppositions.
  6. The player this season is getting really poor. So far no interviews (not even written interviews on official site) and no highlights.
  7. I can't be sure but it could have been either City didn't want to play under our lights or the tv company didn't think they were good enough.
  8. The problem now is if you were to ask Directors, managers, players and fans of premier league clubs if they would have one choice of Premier league success (including for some just surviving) or winning the FA Cup I would imagine a good 99% would opt for the league over the cup.
  9. Considering his history and amount he has played in last week it's not a surprise he was pulled, it would undo all the good work if we lost him by running him into the ground.
  10. We all tend to forget that unless goals are thundered in from 20 plus yards out then they don't count. Take away his goals that he scored from 2 inches and we would not have been promoted from CN.
  11. I seem to recall seeing a clip on youtube where he was banging them in from outside the box with plenty of power.
  12. That's a shame he was taking them down to CN, they may get someone in who can save them.
  13. townmad


    Don't know if the suspension for spitting has any effect on his length of ban but if it does he will be sitting it out for a while.
  14. 25 home fans short of 2000. The argument either way is splitting hairs.
  15. townmad


    Sent of in time added on, straight red for serious fowl play.
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