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  1. Can you give me an email address for inplayer. I don't know if I have been contacting the wrong people. Woking and the other people I have emailed keep referring me back to each other.
  2. I did the same and they referred me back to the streaming service who had told me to contact Woking, I feel they are both just taking the p***.
  3. I may be on the wrong guy but didn't he get jailed for something to do with a driving offence, it may have been the incident that finished Billy Legg's career.
  4. I got no joy from them and no reply from Woking.
  5. I sent an email to inplayer, has anyone an email address for Woking.
  6. I was told this by Tony Thwaites, he said John Crowther would go round canvassing clubs for their votes when we were applying for re-election and Huddersfield would tell him straight that they would not be voting for us. Fortunately John Crowther was well liked among chairmen of other clubs but if Huddersfield had their way they would have had us out.
  7. Ducky and Brown. Both off with hamstring injuries, both have a history of with this type of injury and are slow healers. Both key players for town but both missed big chunks of their time at town with time on the treatment table. I think Duckworth must have spent nearly half his time at town injured and Brown seemed to be off nearly as much.
  8. townmad


    Talking of money teams, look north are still portraying Harrogate as plucky little outsiders.
  9. Another keeper nobody seems to remember is John Savage who went to Man City from us. I remember him coming back for what would probably have been a testimonial game. I recall him picking little kids from off the fence and sitting them on the crossbar. To a little lad like me he looked a giant.
  10. Rhead is one of them players who seem to get away with murder with referees, another is Akinfenwa who plays for Wycombe, just constantly barges players in the box. It's not football but refs don't seem think its wrong.
  11. Mine was fine, HDMI lead to tv. BT internet & Crome. Took a while for it to come on but didn't miss a minute of the game. Commentators as biased as hell but you come to expect that.
  12. Which is more than can be said for my attempt to edit post and put a comma in.
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