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  1. Jeff Stelling having a go in their local paper wanting an investigation, doesn't he talk to his manager who understood what had happened with the sudden drop of temperature
  2. He has a lot to offer the club other than playing. It would be a shame if his playing career was to end in an eye injury but he has plenty more to give to the club with his experience.
  3. The Hartlepool manager said that the North stand end of the pitch was in his words crusting over so it would not just have been the South stand are that was a problem.
  4. Obviously need a geography lesson if they think Halifax is in any way connected to Bradford, of course they did mistake a monkey for a French Spy.
  5. It's you who is disputing the refs decision not me.
  6. If the pitch had been ok at 1pm he would have had to call it on only to call it of when it froze.
  7. Like I said I live a few hundred yards from the Shay and I can see the floodlights from outside my house. I am looking out of my window at my frozen car.
  8. How many times do people have to be told, the ref calls the shots on if the game is on or not, the club does not have a say. It was ok mid afternoon here a few hundred yards from the ground, my car is now frozen.
  9. Someone on their forum wanting to boycott the stream (had it been on ) because they couldn't use their commentary team, Are they aware that we had to use their commentary team for the Boxing Day fixture the same, as I am aware all our away games so far.
  10. Looks like the ref (who makes the decision not us) has decided after a second check, a section in front of the south stand has froze. Anyone who is not happy should ask former town player Mick Buxton about playing on a frozen pitch.
  11. townmad

    Game on

    According to twitter the game is on and no need for an inspection.
  12. Fortunately for us PW picks the team not you. He hasn't made him captain in Clarke's absence for nothing.
  13. Sorry Josh I think we can manage but thanks anyway.
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