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  1. Get A life you sad individual.
  2. The age profile of our supporters puts us in a position that on cold winter nights quite a few give home games a miss, how many of our older supporters ( I class myself amongst these) would want to trail out from the fireside over to Bradford or anywhere else on a regular basis. I for one would be choosing my games if it meant travelling out of Halifax.
  3. Clarke came from Grimsby, it was a while since he had played for Orient. If it is true what I heard he has looked after his earnings so money may not be the be all and end all.
  4. Weavers father has spent a fortune over the years, he would not have kept anyone else as manager all this time. It will be interesting to see how much more he will spend trying to help him keep them in the league.
  5. townmad

    Retained list

    I remember Bob Wallace who got loads of stick from the supporters because he misplaced a few passes until it was pointed out that the more you get involved the more you are likely to make a mistake now and again.
  6. I would hope we are looking to sign better than players who have underachieved in the league bellow. I liked Jordan Burrow but along with the likes of Kosylo, that ship has sailed.
  7. I don't think we will hear much until he has sorted out what we have got left from the players who have been offered contracts.
  8. If you watch their bench it's the coach who is doing it all not Weaver. he would be long gone if not for daddy.
  9. townmad

    Retained list

    It's been said on a few occasions that we have a problem at centreback when faced with pace. In deciding his retained list perhaps it was a straight choice between Brown and Clark so he can bring a faster centreback in. Clark seems a better prospect with injuries and reading the game.
  10. It's on the retained list thread.
  11. JBW and Redshaw have not been offered a contract but Cam King has.
  12. Wild didn't have long to find players and he was left scraping around from what was left. Considering how long he had he didn't do too badly in his recruitment.
  13. I'm Quite relaxed about it, if we had been offered 1 place above the relegation places before the season started most of us would have snapped their hands off. This is a free shot and a fresh start for us so who knows.
  14. Got a mention on Look North pity they got our name wrong, first it was Halifax Town and then it was Halifax FC.
  15. townmad


    I think Kosylo would be happier going back to part time, he was fine until he went full time. I would imagine he's on good money at Fylde and they would be happy to unload him. He's probably at his level in Conf North.
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